( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“Hello!” Akanbi Damino Said...

“ Hello... Good Morning! Who am I speaking with?”

“ Someone gave me your number. The person says if I need Spiritual power I should contact you!”

Favour took a pause!

“ O...Kk?” Favour said

“So what will it cost me? Or what do I have to do?” Akanbi said

Favour was confused! She wondered if the man was calling the right number.

“ I believe you have the wrong number!”

“ No, I have the right number... Don’t you have Spiritual power?”

“ I ... Have Spiritual power, but it is not for sale! It is free for all those who want it!” Favour said

“ Free? That kind of power is free!” Akanbi asked in disbelief

“But if I may ask, who gave you my number?” Favour asked as she wanted to be sure of the authenticity of the call. She didn’t want to fall into the hands of scammers ...

“ Your god!” Akanbi said

“ My God?” Favour said

“ Yes! The thing is though I have gone deep in high level spiritualism but few days back, some people were either summoning me or were planning to. Normally, I would bring out my mirror and find them out...but I couldn’t...” Akanbi was saying over the phone when Tina and Chuks walked into Favour’s office. Favour put the call on speaker for the others to listen...

“I wanted to know the power behind these mysterious people!” Akanbi was saying. Chuks and Tina mouths a form of question to Favour asking who the person was...

Favour threw her hands in the air indicating she didn’t know...

“ Then I heard a voice, he said he is “ I am who I am” and that those people who had been after me were people with his power... I told the god that I wanted his own power, so I could add it to my full bucket list of powers.” Akanbi said

The trio were intrigued by the story...

“ So how is my phone number connected to this story?” Favour asked

“ The voice called out the number to me .” Akanbi said.. “ I am thinking you are one of his priest... Priestess..., I mean since you are a woman!”

The trio were shocked, Tina started adding up the story... She wrote a note to Favour asking her to find out his name....

“ Ok sir, please can I know your name?”

“ Can’t your powerful god tell you that?”

“ Yes , He can But I didn’t want to bother him with something that little, besides he gave us ears and mouth to help us instantly. You giving me your name will be instantaneous since you have the gift of a mouth, Mr Akanbi Damino...” Favour said and unconsciously she mentioned Akanbi’s name....

There was a brief moment of silence. Favour was shocked as to how the name popped out of her mouth. She could tell, a force put that name on her lips. There was a prolonged moment of thick silence. Chuks was hopeful, the man speaking was Akanbi Damino. He wanted God to save more lost souls like the former him...

“How did you know my name?” Akanbi said finally

“ My God !” Favour said after swallowing hard. She couldn’t believe she was speaking with the highly Occultic Billionaire Akanbi Damino.

“ Hmm... How come in all my years of searching for power all over the world, I never heard of one so powerful like this your god, and what surprises me is that, this god is in my country...Please... What is the name of this god?

“ Adeda!” Favour said using the Yoruba translation of Creator!

“ Adeda! It is a Yoruba god? Adeda means creator! You believe your God is the creator of the world?” Akanbi said laughing

“ Isn’t it obvious?”

“ How can we meet?” Akanbi said

“ Erm...em” Sudden fear gripped Favour’s heart... She ended the call in a flash.

“ Why?” Chuks asked

“ What if it is a trap? What if he has found us out?” Favour said loudly tapping her front teeth...

“ My thoughts exactly! This is something the SCA can do! Pretend someone is born again, but when they get in they destroy everything “ Tina said

“ But you are an exception! Who says Akanbi Damino can not meet Christ. Is there anyone who God can not touch his or her heart.?” Chuks said

“ None!” Tina agreed “ but I just... I mean how can God give him Favour’s phone number. God is not a magician, this is Something Akanbi could have gotten through diabolical means!”

“ So, What you are saying is evil can get all information they need, while God can not give information to people?” Chuks asked

“ I am not saying that! It’s just that it is not common to hear that God gave someone the name and phone number of someone they don’t know! It is only on the other side that we hear it often!” Tina said

“ Well, Don’t you think that is the fault and loss of the believers! Don’t you think the children of the World are smart to always ask for deep secrets while the children of God don’t ... Who says God can not give someone the name of someone they should help.... God had spoken to Ananias about Paul before He reached out to Him. Likewise, God had showed Paul Ananias in his dream. God even gave him Ananias’ name...” Chuks said as he reached out for Favour’s Bible....

“Acts 9: 10....Now there was a certain disciple at Damascus named Ananias; and to him the Lord said in a vision, “Ananias.”



And he said, “Here I am, Lord.”
So the Lord said to him, “Arise and go to the street called Straight, and inquire at the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus, for behold, he is praying. And in a vision he ( PAUL) has seen a man named Ananias coming in and putting his hand on him, so that he might receive his sight.” Chuks said

“ Wow! So God gave Paul the name of Ananias before Ananias came to him?” Tina said

“ Yes, and it was Ananias that healed Paul of his blindness... What if God giving Favour’s number to Akanbi is a way of healing him of his Spiritual blindness and making him a great evangelist, Do we want to stand in God’s way because of doubt...?”

“ Hmmm....! You should call him back!” Tina said

As Favour picked up her phone to make the call, Akanbi’s call came through instead....

The trio exchanged looks and Favour picked up in a rush.

“ I guess the network is not strong on your end!” Akanbi said

“ No, the network is fine. I hung up to catch my breath...!”

“ Hmmm... First person who has said the truth in years..”Akanbi commented

“ What do you really want from me?”

“Power ...High Spiritual power.!”

“ Can we see?” Favour asked

“ Sure? Where?”

“ Any Public place!” Favour replied

“ Public place? I am Akanbi Damino... I don’t appear in public places!”

“ Then forget the power! We have our rules... and If you can’t bend to the rules, then you can’t get the power. When you are ready to meet with me in a public place, you can call me back.” Favour said hanging up

Chuks looked at her surprisingly ...

“ Why did you do that?” Chuks asked

“ Why do you think I did that?” Favour said smiling...

Akanbi couldn’t believe someone in Nigeria could hang up on him...

To be continued

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

It was past 10am, Bolaji was still lying on the bed with no strength to get up. Her phone had been ringing and she knew it was either Claire or Fred.

“ God please, get me out of this bed!” Bolaji said within

A knock at the door made her give a sigh of relief....To her horror, the knock was short lived as whoever was knocking stopped...

“ Bolaji! Bolaji! B.J! B.J! are you at home?” Claire said with a loud voice

Bolaji wanted to shout so loud the entire street would hear her, but her entire body failed her. Her Brain was giving her body instructions but the body was not cooperating..

Claire left as she didn’t want to invade Bolaji’s house in her absence...

Bolaji was a strong willed person; as it kept crossing her mind that this ailment could be associated to the property she stopped Fred from giving out, but she was constantly and stubbornly knocking the thought out of her mind.

Fred kept feeling very uneasy. He knew something wasn’t right. Bolaji wasn’t helping matters as she was not picking up her calls...

“ Or is she still angry?” Fred wondered

By past 4pm, Bolaji’s daughters returned from school...

“ Mum!” Ife called out

“ Why are you calling mum, Didn’t she go to work?” Ayo replied

“ Obviously, her car is still in the garage!” Ife replied

“ Why?” Ayo replied

“ Are you seriously asking me that?How am I suppose to know why, we both left the house this morning... What is that foul smell?” Ife said

As the two girls walked towards their mother’s rooms, the smell got worse...

“ Mum!” Ife screamed. She rushed towards her mother disregarding the offensive smell of feces...

“ Mama has got feces on her!” Ayo said very alarmed...

“ Mama what is wrong?” Ife was expecting her mother to speak but Bolaji could not utter any word... instead tears flowed down her face.

“ Ayo, go call emergency help line...” Ife said

“ I can’t, my hands are shaking!” Ayo said and Ife dashed to her phone...

“Hello, Good Evening! What is your emergency?”

“ It’s my mum, she is....”

Akanbi Damino dialed Rufus’ number, the M.D of one of the Telecommunications company in the country..

“ Hello Uncle Akanbi! Good Afternoon!” Rufus replied

“ Rufus! How are you doing?” Akanbi replied

“ Fine Sir! Thanks to God and most importantly to someone like you who has been our support! Any thing for your son! I am open to any new business Sir!” Rufus said cheerfully

“ No business yet! I just need a Favour from you!” Akanbi said

“ A Favour from me!” Rufus was surprised, Akanbi was not someone who needed Favours from people.

“ Yes! I need to track a phone number. I realize the person uses your network. I need her name and address!” Akanbi said

“ Oh! This girl must be hot ! Uncle! Anything for you! Let me have the number and in few minutes I will get you all the information you need about her.”

“ Thanks.. the digits are .....” Akanbi called out the number to Rufus.

“ Favour Aribisala is the name.!”

“ Address ?” Akanbi asked impatiently

“ 49....” Rufus called out the address to Akanbi. Akanbi hung up the call immediately he got the address, without any thank you.

“ Shola! Get the cars ready. Just two cars! “ Akanbi was ready to track whoever this Favour was. She must give him the Spiritual power she had...


“ She can’t speak again? What do you mean by that?” Fred asked unbelievably

“ Dad! She can’t speak!”

“ Can she nod?” Fred asked

“ I am not sure!”

“ Try asking her a question!”

“ Mum, Dad wants to know if you can nod!” Ife said to Bolaji

Bolaji tried that and it worked. She could nod and shake her head in the negative as well...

“ Yeah Dad! She just nodded!”

“ Ok ... good. I am going to do a video call. I need to ask her a question.!” Fred said switching the call to a video call.

Bolaji knew what was coming and she was prepared for it...

“ Bolaji dear, don’t you think this has something to do with the property ? Should we give the property to the Lighthouse?”

Bolaji shook her head in the negative. She knew this had nothing to do with the property. This was even the time, they would need the property. If this illness continued, she was going to need a lot of money for her medical bills...and selling that property would fetch them a lot of money!

“ No?” Fred asked in disbelief... “ I can’t believe you!” Fred hung up very frustrated....

“ Why is Bolaji always this stubborn whenever it came to giving to the Lord?” Fred soliloquized

To be continued

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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