( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

The SCA saw the hand of Fire visiting the database room.

A fire alarm had sounded so loudly... Linda the new head of the SCA division Tina was heading before had dashed into the control room...

“ Where is that coming from ?” Linda said

“ I am trying to trace it!” Said Felix, the control room man.

“ The database room!” He said alarmed

Linda ran to the room, it was a big space with a lot of iron plates. The iron plates were files of all SCA agents. Each person’s plate had records about them on it and it updated itself every minute. It had a sexculator on it where all sexual activities related to the person was stored.

Linda was shocked to see two files burning. Fire was melting the Iron plates...

“ What the hell?” Linda said “ I think that is Anthony Chuks’ plate and the other one is obviously Tina’s plate.” Linda said and the database keeper nodded in agreement...

“ How did it happen?” Linda asked

“ I just started smelling smoke and on looking around, I saw Chuk’s plate burning...” Kris said

“ We have lost them!” Felix said

“ Not under my watch! I will get both of them.” Linda said

“ Then you want to burn down this whole place.” Felix said

“ 00321, since when did I need your suggestions on any matter?” Linda said

“ I am sorry, I just wanted you to know what you are about to face. The last time, a former agent’s plate got burnt like this was when Veronica Blast turned and went to the other side. She became a Pastor and when we tried getting her back, Fire was released on this place. We lost a lot of agents. All the agents we sent to her church turned and became Christians... I would suggest you let these two go if we don’t want a lot of casualties.” Felix said

“ 00321, I said I do not need your suggestions. I think you still haven’t embraced the fact that I am the new boss around here. You think I am still that little girl in the Slayers department. No, I am now your boss and if others before me failed, I don’t intend failing. I will use the exact method they used but I will come out with a different result...” Linda said authoritatively as she walked away from the database room. At the door, without turning, she said...

“ 00675, Prepare 7 agents Tina doesn’t know, preferably the last recruits , to invade that Lighthouse. Rather than have this place burnt down like 00321 suggested, tell the 7 agents to burn down the lighthouse. They wanted me to lose two agents, they will loose 200...” Linda said to her Personal Assistant, Rachel

As she walked out, Felix looked at the others in the database room...

“ She is going to get her hands burnt!”

Bolaji woke up feeling worse than how she felt the previous day. She tried standing up from her bed but it became a Herculean task. She tried calling the name of one of her children, but she realized her voice failed her.

She checked the time, it was past 8. Her children would have left for school... Bolaji feared this could be the end for her..

“ Or does this have anything to do with the property Fred wanted us to give that ministry or foundation?” Bolaji reasoned



“ No! This has nothing to do with that! This should be stress! God! Help me, send someone my way...!” Bolaji resolved.

Akanbi Damino didn’t sleep all night. He thought his special mirror was the Almighty Mirror, but the Mirror had failed him.

“ I thought with the Powerful Mirror, I could see everywhere in the world but it’s seems there are still some unaccessed powers..”

“ Yes! My power!” Akanbi heard a voice...

“ Who are you?” Akanbi asked looking around his massive bedroom , which was about the size of 5 master bedrooms.

“ I am Who I am, and my power is undeniably great!”

“ I want your power!” Akanbi said

“ Write down this number, 0800234....”

Akanbi picked his phone in a hurry and typed in the phone number...

“ Call that number and you will get my power!”

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

Photo credit: Internet


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