( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

It was past 10pm, when Akanbi got to the Lighthouse.

“ Sir, we are here!” Shola said

“ I can see that!” Akanbi said looking around the place. The place looked a bit familiar.

“ Have I been here before?” Akanbi asked his long serving Assistant

“ Yes! About 18 years ago... Uyai used to use this place as a brothel.!” Shola replied

“ Oh! Uyai... where is she? I hope she is not the priestess we are here to see! Maybe she has moved from prostitution to ritualism! Interesting!” Akanbi said.

“ Would you like to go in or I should ask that she comes to see you!” Shola asked

“ But I hope she is the same person as Favour Aribisala! She must have changed her name for identity sake! So ask for Favour Aribisala, that way we hide the fact that we know her. It will be a last joker on my end if she proves stubborn.”

“ Ok sir!” Shola said. Shola alighted from the vehicle and walked towards the security gate.

“ Good Evening Sir! My name is Shola, My Boss Akanbi Damino is here to see Madam Favour Aribisala!” Shola said

“ Madam Favour! at this time? No, you will have to come in the morning... but Wait! Who did you say is your boss?” The Security man said

“ Akanbi Damino!” Shola confirmed

“ The Same Akanbi Damino... you mean Damino!... Rich Damino!” The security man couldn’t wrap his mind around the thought that Akanbi Damino would be in the same space with him.

“ Yes!” Shola answered impatiently while trying to maintain his cool

“Ah! God has said today will be good! You see, Aunty Favour! I mean Madam Favour doesn’t see strangers or visitors at night, but since it is Akanbi Damino I will help you break the rules!”
The security man said...

“ Thank you! And we will not disappoint you!” Shola said bringing out a bundle of clean currency. Shola stretched it out to the security who out of shock could not collect the money! The money looked like what he would earn in two years!

“ What?”

“ Just an appreciation token ahead of you making us see Madam Favour!” Shola said

“ Ah! Ok... I don’t mind losing my job tonight... You see they have locked all the entrances to the building... So I will pull a big one....Just hold on... “ the security man collected the money. Kept it in his room and rushed towards the fire alarm switch...

“ God, forgive me for what I am about to do! You are the one who said wisdom is profitable to direct!” the security said to Himself

“ Is this wisdom or lies?” The voice replied

“ God, everything is the same!” He said and he pressed the switched down. Followed was the loud sound of the siren!

Favour was asleep, she was having a dream. In the dream, She was thirty and needed water. She saw a big bowl of water. A man stood by the big bowl.

“ I need water!” Favour said to the man

“ It’s free, you can take from it.!” The man replied

Favour looked at the water and it dawned on her that she had no cup to take water from the big bowl.

“ You need a cup!” The man said

“ Yes and at the moment I don’t have a cup to take this water...

“You can use that!” The man pointed Favour to a dirty cup

“ A dirty cup?” Favour asked

“ Yes!” The man said

“ Can you use a dirty cup to get clean water?” Favour asked

“ Yes! If you do what is right!”

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“ Can evil produce good? How can I use a dirty cup to drink clean water!” Favour questioned

“ You need to do what is right!” The man insisted

“ What is the right thing I need to do?” Favour asked

The alarm rang loudly waking Favour from sleep... She jumped up from the bed...

“ Fire Alarm!” Favour’s mind went haywire...

Favour dashed out of her room......

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ Out! Everyone! Everyone!” Chuks called out

All the housemates rushed out to the Fire Assembly point. Favour ensured she was the last person. She knew Chuks was going to handle whatever the source of Fire was.

Shola was walking towards Akanbi in the vehicle...

“ What’s wrong? What’s with the alarm?” Akanbi asked

“ It was a stunt pulled by the guard to have Madam Favour out of her room. He said she doesn’t see anyone after 10pm...!”

“ Oh! Uyai now has standards!” Akanbi laughed

“ I will let you know once she is out!” Shola said...

Mrs Uyai stepped out and Shola spotted her immediately...

“ I think that is her over there!” Shola said and with that Akanbi stepped out of the Vehicle

Akanbi approached the gate with four of his armed bodyguards...

“ Madam Favour Aribisala!” He said shouting towards Mrs Uyai. “ I have found you and I need to speak with you!”

Mrs Uyai walked towards the gate...

“ Sorry Sir! Good evening sir, I am not Favour Aribisala, She is inside, but I am afraid you can’t see her tonight, especially with the fire incident !” Mrs Uyai said

“ Madam Uyai quit playing, I know you very well. I have been here a couple of times. I know you are Favour Aribisala.. Besides there was no fire attack! We paid your guard to cause a distraction!” Akanbi blurted out

Mrs Uyai was surprised, she looked towards the guard in disappointment.

“ Sorry, who are you?” MRS Uyai asked as she couldn’t see him clearly.

“ Damino..!” Akanbi responded

“ Damino? Akanbi Damino ? “ Mrs Uyai asked

By this time, Favour and Chuks had walked towards the gate on seeing Mrs Uyai talking to a Stranger...

“ Mama Uyai, is everything alright!” Chuks said as they walked closer

“ Yes...Yesss... I mean no... We have Mr Akanbi Damino here asking to see Miss Favour and I am trying to tell him, he can’t see her this night!” Mrs Uyai said trying to hide Favour’s Identity

Chuks and Favour stopped in their tracks...

Akanbi Damino!

The name caused shivers for the duo. Favour wanted to run back to the house but she casted out the Spirit Of Fear.

“ For God has not given me the Spirit Of Fear, But Of love, power, and sound mind!” Favour said inwardly

“ Mr Akanbi Damino, do you have an appointment with her?” Favour asked

“ No & Yes...” Akanbi said

“Which is your answer?” Favour replied

“ Choose Anyone you like!” Akanbi retorted. He was getting tired of the question game going on...

“ Then I choose “No” as I am the closest person to her, she didn’t mention having an appointment with you Sir. So, I suggest you come back in the morning...!” Favour said with authority in her voice

Akanbi went into few minutes of silence...

“ You are a very good Personal Assistant, if you ever consider looking for a more paying job in the future, my door is wide open...”

“ I don’t work for the pay, I work for the impact!”

“ Impact? What impact?”

“ Impact on other lives, blessing lives... Here, we impact lives...!”

This is an opposite of what Akanbi was expecting....

“ Favour! Favour!” Tina said from afar off...

Akanbi Damino was surprised that Favour was Favour!

“ You are the Favour! The one with the Spiritual power!” Akanbi said not hiding his disappointment. His eyes ran all over her body. He was expecting someone big, someone expensively dressed but Favour looked so simple in her simple night dress...

“ Yes, I am She!” Favour replied

“ You are the one I travelled miles to see?” Akanbi asked again

“ Yes! and I am sorry I won’t be able to see you tonight!”

“ I don’t even intend seeing you? How old are you?” Akanbi asked with disbelief lacing his voice

“ The one who lives in me, who you have driven far to see, is ageless...” Favour replied

“ Isshhhhhh” Akanbi hissed and walked away from the gate back to his car. He couldn’t believe the ridicule...

Shola knew what that movement meant! It was time to leave...Shola entered the Vehicle

“ Sir, I will suggest we find a very good hotel to pass the night. The drivers of the vehicles need to rest their bodies.” Shola said carefully

“ Fine!” Akanbi said

“ How did he trace us?” Tina said pacing up and down. “ I told you Akanbi wasn’t Someone to toy with, you shouldn’t have encouraged him yesterday. You should have blocked him!”

“ Tina, take a chill pill, at least nothing has happened to us. Akanbi has left, obviously he was disappointed on seeing us. He sees us as having nothing to offer. He won’t be attacking us!” Chuks said

“ Like seriously! Chuks why are you taking this way? You know the SCA, a phone call from Akanbi to the president or governor of the state, this place will be brought down to ruins. Now that he knows who we are and how inconsequential we are, expect the worse...!” Tina said

“ We are not inconsequential...God who lives in us is mighty! I may not understand all that is happening but I trust God to bring out a big testimony from all that is happening!” Favour said

As she ended her words, her phone rang. Everyone stood still, they were expecting the worse!

Favour picked up her phone and answered the call on speaker so the other 3 could hear...

“ Hello, Good Evening... is that Miss Favour Aribisala of the Lighthouse Foundation.?” A female voice said

“ Yes please Who is speaking? “

“ Mrs Toyin Ajinatu, the First Lady of the state!”

“ First Lady?” Favour asked again

“ Yes ma! I took your number from the list of registered foundations in the state!”

“ Ok ma’am!”

“ I have seven young ones who we just took off the street in one of our Hope campaign and I am looking for a home for them. I would like to know if your home can be available for them to stay for a month till we get them permanent
guardians. I was particularly moved by your mission statement, which is to raise God fearing youths. This Young ones need God... “

“ Ok ma’am!” Favoured answered “But ma...” Favour was saying before the voice cut in

“ And don’t bother about their feeding, I will send you A million to cater for their feeding for the one month! The account details of the Lighthouse is right here as well” The voice said...

Favour was still thinking about the whole thing and how the government could have their account details but the woman concluded...

“ Thank you so much! I will have the State’s Hope team bring them over. Good night Miss Favour!” The woman ended the call...

“ A new addition!” Tina said

“ 7 new additions!” Chuks replied “Favour, Can’t you see God is with us.”

“ Huh Huh!” Favour replied half heartedly as she was trying to search her spirit...

“ I don’t feel we need New addition at this time, especially 7 of them, that will be a handful!” MRS Uyai replied

Tina saw a flash of an event!

“ Fire!” Tina blurted out

“ What?” Chuks asked

“ I saw a fire incident! I don’t know if it has happened or is happening at the moment or will happen!” Tina said

“ That’s not a good sign!” Chuks said

Favour heard her phone beep....

A sum of two million had been deposited into her account with the description “ Hope team” and the sender was indeed the name of the First Lady.

“ She has sent two million!” Favour said

The others were quiet...

“Too many things happening in one night! I think we should pray!” Chuks suggested

“ Brilliant! Now deliver the agents right away!” Linda said

Linda said to Abua , the tech guy at the SCA Warehouse... He had made the work really simple. He had manipulated Linda’s voice to sound just like the First Lady and they had wired some money to Favour’s account....

“ Now! Let’s play this game!” Linda said our in laughter.

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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