( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Everyone could testify the day was a day Heaven kissed the earth at the Lighthouse.

Favour was exhausted, she laid on her bed. Something felt different in her body. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was something good.

Usually, dinner was always served by 6pm, but almost everyone had theirs around 10pm. There were lots of recoveries. Teens were discussing what they had felt or seen during the period of the prayers.

Tina also experienced God differently. Due to her work at the SCA, she had a man who constantly slept with her in her dream every night. Even after becoming born again and living at the Lighthouse, he visited her in her dreams. She never shared it with anyone, not even her new best friend; Favour. In the middle of the prayer, she felt like something was trying to crawl out of her private part. She rushed into the restroom to do the minor, but nothing came out...

Tina knew something had happened as well, but she was waiting for the hour of the night to know if the nighttime stranger would show up again to molest her...

Tina dozed off in the Common room where everyone still sat to have dinner... She saw the male figure standing faraway from her eyeing her wickedly. He was pissed at her...After staring at her for a long time, he hissed and turned... Tina woke up... Segun, one of the youths had tapped her..

“ Aunty Tina, you should go to your room, we want to clean up the Common room... Some of these boys will find it hard waking up very early tomorrow...” He said laughing...

Tina stood up. She understood Segun. The prayer session had been intense. Most of the teens and youths were worn out. As she walked towards her room, she remembered the short dream she just had... The stranger had visited her and couldn’t come near her...

“ He must have seen the fire of God around me!” Tina reasoned. “ God, turn my entire body to the fire of God, God Let my breast, my private body parts be on fire!” Tina said casually before crashing into her bed.

He Opened the door. Tina was sure she had closed the door. She turned towards to him...

“ What do you want from me?”

“ You! You are mine!”

“ I am not yours! I belong to Jesus now!” Tina said

The stranger laughed so loud.

“ Thank you for cracking me up! Really, you can’t belong to Him and have things that belong to me with you!”

“ I don’t have anything that belongs to you with me...!”

“ My ring, My money!” The stranger said

“ Your money! “

“ The random money you find in your bag... Did you put it there? I send you gifts of hair weaves without knowing who sent it!”

“ That was from my secret admirer!” Tina said

“ I am that secret admirer!” The stranger said ... “Thanks for wearing my ring always” He said

“ Your ring?” Tina looked at her fancy ring she always wore...

“ I didn’t get this from you, I bought it from Benita!” Tina said

“ I took the one Benita sold to you and replaced it with mine....” He said smiling

Tina saw what had happened... She saw Benita selling the ring to her and as she wore it on her finger, the stranger removed it and replaced it with the exact replica of the ring...

“ So you see that you are still mine?”

“ I am not yours!” Tina said angrily as she tried removing the ring from her finger.

“ You can’t.... quit wasting your time. Now to the business of the day!” He said as he moved closer to her....



The stranger touched her lips only for him to feel burnt.

“ Arrhgg...!”
He pushed her to the bed...

“ What have you done?” He asked angrily

“ Nothing !”

He moved towards her fiercely and tried to grab her breast, this time again, he burns his hand...

“ Why did you set yourself on fire?” The Stranger asked... “ I hate you!” He said before leaving the room.

Tina woke up from her dream startled and shaken.

She looked at her hand, the fashion ring she had bought from Benita was still in her finger. She tried removing it and because she had been wearing it for a long time, it was stuck in her finger. She tried forcing it out but was failing terribly at it. She looked across her room and saw a bottle of olive oil she had. She poured some oil on her hand and Prayerfully she removed the ring....

“ Thank you Jesus!” Tina screamed

To be continued

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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