( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Tamunodiepiriye’s Father; Tonye felt like someone hit him on his head...

That feeling was strange. He waited a while to get a second feeling, but nothing came. He stood up after a while, not wanting to take things for granted. He went into his power room to find out what was happening.

On entering the room, he saw his wooden Effigy on the floor broken to pieces. This was his power and wealth idol.


Tonye was young and interested in politics. He had great dreams of someday changing his nation. He hoped he could become President someday. To fuel his dream, he joined one of the popular political parties.

As part of the induction process, he was introduced into occultism. He refused blatantly telling them he was not interested in Occultism but he was told if he didn’t joined the Occult he would have to pull out of the party.

He was torn between two choices. It was either he joined and achieved his political dreams or he refused not minding that his political aspirations would die.

Tonye agreed after several months. Part of the requirements was for him to donate the glory of one of his children. Tonye wept when the oracle chose Tamunodiepiriye amongst his Children. She was the smartest amongst his children.

Every month, he was obligated to submit something that belonged to her to the Occult.

For 12 years, he had been doing that every month. Tamuno had complained once to her mother that she saw Tonye shaving her hair in the dream. Tonye had deceived her that maybe she ought to be on low cut.

Tamunodiepiriye refused having a low cut, hence she lived with the monthly dream of her father shaving her hair...

Tonye realized as Tamunodiepiriye grew up and met Christian friends, she realized the dream was not ordinary. She started questioning Tonye and that made them grow apart.

Tamunodiepiriye left home 6 months earlier and despite several futile efforts to find her, he gave up on looking for her as her clothes were still at home. He presented a cloth per month to the Occult through his Wooden Effigy...

Here was the Effigy lying on the ground broken...

“ Who did this to me?” Tonye screamed

Earlier, the Angel took Favour to Tonye’s power room. The moment the Angel descended into the room, the Effigy fell to his face immediately. The scenario reminded Favour of Dagon that fell before the Ark of Covenant...

Out of the Effigy, came out 22 goldlike bars with Tamunodiepiriye’s name on them...

“ 22! Tamunodiepiriye is meant to be a great child... What a wicked father! “ Favour said

“ A lot of humans prosper with other people’s glory!” The Angel said “ They trade with people’s glory in exchange for power. “

“ Why can’t they trade With theirs?” Favour asked

“ Theirs may not worth anything ...The dark world trades in valuable glories. Glories are the golds, diamonds of the spiritual kingdom. The higher the glory they are able to present, the higher the power they get. Unknown to them that the power the devil gives to them is however, only a short term lease.!”

“ Short term lease?” Favour asked

“ Yes, the devil only gives them the power for a while, remember, all Power in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus, but Satan is trading with the little he had before he fell. He therefore can not afford to give to anyone for a long time. He will lease it to the person and collect the glory. “

Favour nodded ...



“No wonder, most rich, diabolical people die on time” Favour thought

“ Exactly!” The Angel replied obviously hearing Favour’s thoughts...

Favour returned to the physical realm. She didn’t waste anytime in calling these two prayer points to the members of the Lighthouse as Tamunodiepiriye laid on the floor...

“Lord, locate any man or woman trading with my glory, recover my glory from them and do as you please with them in Jesus name.”

“ Lord, let all idols housing my glory, release my Glory and fall down before you in Jesus name”

No one wasted any minute.... They screamed the prayer points loud and clear....

To be continued...

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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