While this present administration in Oyo State is busy with 2023 ambition, the state is in it perilous stage in the hand of hoodlums, Fulani herdsmen, kidnappers just l to mention few. 

Endangering the life of the people who cast their vote for you will be an ingratitude this administration can use to pay back the good people of Oyo State for choosing him to be their governor during the 2019 governorship election. 

Should we say this administration is more interested in 2023 ambition than the people who give him opportunity to govern them? Or should we say that He was force to run for governorship election? Or should we say he is not prepared for the good people of Oyo State? These are the question that will keeps coming to the mind of a humanitarian servant leader, because a state who fail to concentrate on his primary assignment as an institutions lack knowledge of governance. And also it means he doesn’t have the will of his people at heart for endangering their lives and losing it to the kidnapping and banditry. 

Since this Engr Seyi Makinde led administration assumed office, the lots of the citizens have been security problems which costs lives daily in which most of it is being publicized, the number of people who lost their lives to insecurity in Oyo State since May 2019 till date is over 50 lives in which those killed are either youths, the acclaimed vfuture leader of the state. Are we going to fold our arms as leaders, stakeholders in the state to these rampant killings by hoodlums, kidnappers, banditry; this administration lack security modi of operandi in terms of security consciousness and protection of lives and property of the citizen as cited in the constitution which empower and recognized governor is the chief security officer of the state. 

The more the lives of the citizens are beings endanger in the state, the more the state will turn to horror of death to entrepreneurial both internal and external and this will leads to reduction in IGR of the state. 

Should we assume that Oyo State has been hijack by the cabal? Or should we say that the security operatives are toothless dogs? Or should we say Mr. Governor don’t have smooth relationship with the security apparatus in the state? Or should we assume that the lives of Oyo State residents is being used to play politics of power? Or what? 

Oyo state has now become a den of lion, in which people can’t move freely neither during the day time nor night, when do we want to have Oyo State that placed the security of life and property of citizen at heart. 

Any governor who failed woefully on protection of life and property of its citizen’s is not competent enough and capable of governing the state, because lives of residents are being endangered. It means that lives of the citizens have no value in the eye of Mr. Governor. 

The current situations of insecurity in the state shows that this administration lacks security tactics to secure the lives and property of the citizen. And if Mr. Governor sees that he is not capable of handling the security matters of the state he should resign, or change the security heads at the state. The live of his citizen should be his priority as a governor.  

By Com. Emiola Solomon

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