The Protesters, the thugs and hoodlums & the looters of Covid19 Palliative, I condemned non!


Although no one has been bold enough to condemn the EndSars Protesters even those who feel uncomfortable only identified with them to derailed and hijacked the protests in many states and FCT but failed.

Then followed with the sponsored thugs and hoodlums to attack the genuine protesters and when this seemed not working, then these thugs and hoodlums started committing atrocities in the name of the protesters to give them bad names.

As that also not working for the ruling elites, comes the military attacks of the armless and innocent protesters at Lekki tollgate and paramilitary attacks that have claimed lives in many places with monumental and consequential reactions of burning down public properties and properties of some persived sponsored of the attacks on the protesters.

Then suddenly, we are hearing of Covid19 Palliative looting in many parts of the country starting from Lagos.  This i think was delibrate for diversionary to end the Protests at any cost.

While so many individuals and even the EndSars Protesters have been blaming the Palliatives looters, hoodlums and many others on different grounds I blamed non if I am entitled to my opinions.

How will I blame those that have involved in one way or the other except the irresponsible leadership at all levels of our tiers of government who have failed in all of their electoral promises to Nigerians since 2015 till date.

The Napoleons in our Animals Farm are to be blamed who instead of genuine and productive education for all but nurtured and trained the rabbid dogs of thugs and hoodlums for them to remain relevant in the failed system.

The federal government knew the truth about the police and other security brutality of the innocent Nigerians but waited until there was protests, and then just rolled out another promises to do the needful. "You have been heard", and "we have accepted all your five demands." All with a laiser tones not to go further in demanding for good governance among many other grievances against the ineffectiveness of Buhari led APC government in Nigeria.

They want puppet citizens with their drastically wicked dishonesty even with the mere Covid19 Palliative they hoarded while poor masses are at the most critical tome .

Nigrians should not be carried away with lots of propaganda and ethnic cards that are at play by the enemies of this country. For instance, they don't remind their masters and their heros that they are YORUBAS, HAUSA and IGBOS when they failed to governed and lead responsibly, they don't cry out to them when they locked down their respective states for Covid19 and wickedly hoarded the Palliatives meant for their people against what we are all seeing happening around the world where their leaders where so concerned about the well-being of their citizens. Even in Nigeria we saw how Palliative were distributed in places like Nasarawa, Kastina, KANO but not in any of the states in the south. 

Those who have sown that great dishonesty and wickedness with mere Covid19 Palliative, to what extent can we now say they have robbed not robbed their respective states?

 If hungry citizens are now taken what rightly belong to them from the senior thieves, they have not done anything wrong. LOOTING of private properties by the thugs and hoodlums are clear message of abysmal failure of the current leadership and system which they ought to tender apologies and even rising.

A country that permited Injustice, corruption, nepotism, stealing and diversions of common wealth of the people only planting to reap doom in the nearest evil future.

Scientifically, what is currently playing out in the country are what we really need as a people to get it right. For the Nigerian state to get it right, citizens must be fearless and constantly read to confront the leadership without minding the sponsored attacks, thugs, hoodlums and security deployment from time to time.

While moral, religion, social and ethnic opinionists will be condemning the corrent situations in one way or the other, the Scientific emperism will always approve of it. 

Simple math theory put it as "Negative times Negative equals to Positive", "Negative times Positive = Negative and Positive times Positive = Positive.

Niccolo Machiavelli while accessing kingdoms and Empires of his days said for the good of the state a 'king needed not to be loved by his people but should be feared'. 

But I will in reverse therefore say, in democracies, if good governance, development, justice, equality, egalitarianism, accountabilities, rules of law are to be in the top priorities, people must be feared and not loved by the leaders for the absent oh justice and fairness and the such always call for anarchy, non matter how long. 

It's only the fear of what people can or may do or not do that will enforced and reinforce discipline in this clime (some will want to call it taken laws into their hands, those who failed in their responsibility have done more than taken laws into their hands but have in addition endangered the entire people and their destinies)

The fear of the people can only come from the scientific laws of actions and reactions in opposite directions which the proportion are always bound to be of greater magnitude.

Nigeria state with this current generation of youths will not remain docile to the dictates of failed and outdated generation who have been in charge since 1966.

Welcome to the Nigerian state of protesters, thugs, hoodlums and generation of "take what rightly belong to you by force."

Comrade Dele Abiola

[email protected]

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