( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Favour rose up carefully, as Chuks rushed towards Akanbi...

“ No, Lord please! Please Lord, Have Mercy on him, you didn’t bring him here to kill him. Whatever error he has committed, Let Mercy Speak for him.” Chuks cried unto the Lord.

Chuks suspected God slaughtered him for whatever wickedness he must have done against Favour...

Favour walked close to Akanbi’s dead body. She was numb...

“ Was Akanbi meant to be her husband? God killed him to punish her?” Favour didn’t understand that complexity...

She was lost for words. She sat beside Akanbi’s body in tears... Her lips felt heavy, Her heart was heavy as well. She couldn’t even ask for Mercy, she was just overwhelmed by What was happening...

Tina moved around thinking on what to do... She loved discerning What God wanted of her...

“ Mercy!” Tina heard in her Spirit

“ Favour, look at me... I don’t know what is going on in your mind, but look into my eyes and listen... What we need is the Mercy of God.”

“ He is the dead!” Favour managed to say. She couldn’t tell why she in deep sorrow; was it because She lost a soul or she lost the man who ought to be her husband...

Chuks was also heartbroken; He couldn’t comprehend why a new convert would die under his watch.

Tina realized she was the only person who was in the right frame of mind...

“ God, what is happening? “

Tina saw a flash of arrows targeted at Favour but Akanbi stood in front of Favour and took the arrows...


Tina knew it didn’t make sense telling Favour what she saw, instead she walked to Where Akanbi laid on the floor...

“ Arrow of death Fired against you from the Pit of Hell, backfire in the name of Jesus “ Tina prayed laying her hand on Akanbi’s stomach.

On touching Akanbi’s stomach, Tina withdrew her hand immediately as his stomach was blazing hot.

“ Poison!” Favour heard and she voiced it out immediately to Tina...

“ Poison! I heard Poison!”

“ Obviously! You should touch his stomach...” Tina said

Chuks and Favour touched the stomach in turns. They withdrew their hands immediately...

“ This is no ordinary poison! This must be a Spiritual poison! Who poisoned him ?” Chuks said

Favour was quiet, she didn’t know what to think. Was it God who put the Spiritual poison as a punishment for her or was the Spiritual poison an attack she could have knocked off with the prayers?

Chuks got mad in the Spirit... Likewise Tina knew the attack was familiar... But she couldn’t place her hand on it...

“Favour, you can’t go weak on me... You have more Spiritual power than us... You have the authority to bring back Akanbi...” Tina said

Favour looked at Tina, she couldn’t stop her tears. How could she tell them that God had spoken to her... How could she tell them her disobedience had caused Akanbi’s death. How could she tell them,God had spoken!

“ It’s too late!” Favour managed to say

“ Too late?” Tina asked “ Favour, what do you know that you are not saying to me! Did God say it is over!”

“ Hun Hun!” Favour said quietly....

Tina sat on the floor... Chuks sat on the chair. It all still looked like a dream. He remembered Akanbi kneeling before him a while ago...

“ When God Says No at a time, He can still say Yes minutes later. He told Abraham to slaughter his son, and in few minutes He told him not to. He said Hezekiah would die, but not less than an hour, He changed his mind!” Gambo said from the doorway...


Gambo, Chuks’ adopted daughter had been looking around for Chuks. She had silently witnessed all that happened...

“ You taught me that! Don’t you think God can change his mind and Wake him up.....”Gambo said

Chuks looked at Gambo and thought about how many times he had died. God’s Mercy could do all things...

Chuks stood up from the chair he was seated, he walked towards Akanbi and said...

“ God, I am a living testimony of your Mercy. I don’t know what Akanbi did for him to be poisoned but Mercy Lord....” Chuks laid on the floor...

“ Jesus! Please plead on his behalf...I know he has given his life to you, but it is not enough, if he has used 30 years to go against you, give him another 30 years to stand for you!” Chuks continued....

Kenneth was staying in Favour’s office, waiting for Favour who was called out by Chuks. His Wife, Mercy had gone in to meet some of the girls in the Lighthouse.

Kenneth couldn’t stop thinking about MR Akanbi Damino...

He suddenly had a feeling Akanbi won’t fulfil his promise...

“ God, please in your Mercy, Help Akanbi Damino to fulfil his Promise to the Lighthouse. Whatever that Might want to hinder him from giving to the Lord, Please take it away from His life. He will not fall sick and He won’t die. Father, you know the Lighthouse needs a property to build a school that will be a place to reform lives. Help him to fulfil his promise unlike the Man Who promised us earlier...” Kenneth spoke to the Lord unknown to him what was going on....

Chuks also caught the Light of that revelation where he knelt praying to the Lord. He remembered Dorcas who died and based on the goodwill she had done, people interceded for her...

“ God, if not for anything, remember what Akanbi Damino was about to do for Lighthouse. Please, just like Hezekiah presented his good works before you, just like the people presented Dorcas’ giving before you, please Lord, I present Akanbi’s good intention of giving the Lighthouse a property. Bring him back to life that he might fulfil this promise...” Chuks said Loudly....

Favour was taken aback by that... She didn’t know about Akanbi wanting to give them a property...

“ He wanted to give us a property?” Favour asked

The Angel of Death stood by Akanbi ready to take him away, but she saw Favour, Tina and Chuks protecting him...

“ I need to take him!” The Angel of Death said

“ He can’t leave! “ Favour replied

The Angel looked up suddenly.... She heard a command

“ Replace him with the one who refused to give her property! His giving has given him back his life!” A LOUD VOICE THUNDERED

The Angel bowed at the voice... and looked at Favour...

“ Give him a glass cup of Water and Salt!”

“ How can I give a dead man water...!”

“ Just do as I have said! Peace!” The Angel disappeared

Favour saw it .... She snapped out of her revelation....

“Get me Salt and Clean Water” Favour said to Tina but Gambo ran off to get it....

Bolaji felt a strong presence in her room...

“ Who is there?”

“ What Shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul!” A voice said to BOLAJI

“ Nurse! “ BOLAJI tried to call out but her voice was going no where....

“ Where is the money you were trying to keep by not giving your property to the Lighthouse?” The voice asked again

“ I have spent all on my sickness!”


BOLAJI felt chills in her spine... Something terrible was about to happen to her and she knew it...

“ God, Forgive me... Please I am sorry for being selfish with my resources, it’s because of the humble beginning I had while growing. I always want to keep and hoard everything. Forgive me, please don’t let me die!” Bolaji said soberly.

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


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( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Ife entered the hospital ward...

" Mummy...Daddy says he doesn't have money to send anymore. He said the cash he borrowed from Lawyer Akinbo is finished.”

Ife noticed her mother didn't make her usual sound that recently had become her language of communication.

" Mum, Mum...MUM!" Ife screamed and ran towards her mum....

Bolaji flatlined...

The nurses rushed and shoved Ife out of the room....

"What do you mean she's dead?" Fred said with a Shaky voice...

A million thoughts ran through his mind. Some of the thoughts were...

" God Killed Bolaji for withholding our property from him like He did to Ananias and Saphira... Is God coming for me too?"

" Where do I start from? I am yet to sell the property and I already borrowed money worth the price of the property to pay the hospital bill...I was hoping when Bolaji gets better, we will get money to pay our debt, but she is dead. That means if I eventually sell the house, I will have nothing left because I will pay Akanbi's debt and Akinbo's debt... " Fred had tears streaming down his face...

“ We will need to bring back Bolaji’s corpse back home!” Fred thought of the expenses involved ....


" Akinbo, I am finished!" Fred said

" Bolaji is dead?" Akinbo asked on seeing how his friend looked. Fred had gone to Akinbo’s house. He had a large brown envelope in his hands.

"YES!" Fred wailed

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" Hmmm....are you sure it's not the property thing that got God angry...?" Akinbo said in fear. He remembered he was the one who discouraged him. As a result, He became scared the death might come to him soon.

" Fred, maybe you should give them the property!" Akinbo said in a rush

" It's too late...I am in debt. That's why I came here. These are the papers for the property. Sell it, and use the proceeds to pay Akanbi Damino and You!" Fred said and held his stomach.

" Arrhgg... !" Fred groaned

" What's wrong?"

" Can I use your rest room?"

" Sure, do you need my permission?" Akinbo said

Fred stood up and went into the guest toilet. Akinbo sat on his dining table thinking deep about the error he committed. He was so lost in thought he didn't realise five minutes had passed by....

" Fred! Why is it taking you forever...that is a sign of anxiety. You need to get to the hospital for a proper check up. What I am thinking is that, you can give the house to the Lighthouse and together we will find a way of settling Akanbi's debt or what do you think?" Akinbo said but, a big thud was the answer he got from the toilet.

Akinbo rushed towards the door...

" Fred! Fred!...Open up!" Akinbo said but Fred had locked up.

Akinbo forced the door open.

Fred laid on the floor dead with his tongue out!

" Jesus!" Akinbo screamed. Fred had committed suicide.

“ Take care of my kids!” Akinbo saw the note in Fred’s hand.

Favour had instructed Chuks to help her open Akanbi's mouth. Chuks had to forcefully do so... Favour took the Cup of Water and added a pinch of Salt.

Tina wondered why the pinch of salt, but she remembered her grandmother had told her as a child, that salt was a purifying agent.

" I turn this water and salt mixture to the purifying blood of Jesus. As I give it to you, you are purified of all poisonous substances in your body in Jesus name...!" Favour declared

TeaSpoon by TeaSpoon, she put the water through Akanbi's forcefully opened mouth.

She kept giving him the water for few minutes, but nothing happen.

" He will wake up! " Favour assured the others.

" Wake up now in the name of Jesus Christtttt!" Favour screamed out loud like a desperate mother....

It felt like that was what Akanbi was waiting for, the moment Favour ended that statement, Akanbi coughed out and threw up a terribly smelly yellowish vomitous. It was so much it could fill up a mini bucket! Akanbi managed to open his eyes and the only person he saw was Favour looking very beautiful..

" T...ha...n..k you!" Akanbi said because he knew when he died, he saw how his spirit left his body. He was about following an angelic woman but he saw Favour discussing something inaudible with her. He watched how the angelic woman left thereby giving him another chance in life.

" Thank you!" He said more clearly...Chuks, Tina, and Gambo could not contain their happiness...They screamed so loud...

" What is happening?" Nneka asked Joy without opening her mouth.

They were all together in the room with other girls,but without opening their mouths, they were about to have conversations.

" I killed Akanbi...he was about to sell us out!" Joy said triumphantly

" You did what?" Tunrayo asked in surprise

" Exactly what you heard. Please I need silence, I need to restrategize since we have lost our bait," Joy said referring to Akanbi as the bait

" Everyone...come down to hall, a miracle just happened, Akanbi Damino died and he has come back to life.." Gambo said at the entrance of the room.

She left the doorway to share the news to other rooms.

The five ladies looked at one another. The other girls in the room rushed out leaving the five girls behind.

" We need to get out of here now... We will be fried! Akanbi will expose us!" Joy said jumping from the bed...

" I am going nowhere. Don't you guys see it? God's power is stronger than what we have been introduced into at the SCA. This is our chance of escape..." Tunrayo said

" Escape to where? To Christianity...Tunrayo, I don't know your real story, but listen to mine..My father is a Pastor, and in search for powers for Miracles, he started raping me at the age of six. He raped me for 7 years before I escaped. And today he is a popular pastor healing people. My father is Bishop Andrew of MEGA LIFE ASSEMBLY..."

The others had their mouth opened in shock...

" So tell me, you expect me to follow the Christian God of my father? No way.. I have chosen to dine with the devil. Are you coming with us or not?" Joy said

" You all know my real story? I got to SCA because of greed...and I want to retrace my steps. I am not leaving!" Tunrayo said

" Suit yourself! let’s get the boys !” Joy stretched forth her hand with the others joining hands with her and they all became rats. As they were about to leave, Nneka threw an arrow at Tunrayo

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" Why?" Grace said

" She will sell us out!".

" Rats! Rats...." One of the girls at the Lighthouse screamed

Joy and the others knew they had to run fast before they were lynched.

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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