#ENDSARS, #ENDBADGOVERNANCE: At least two killed, Many injured as youths petted Oyetola with stones in Osogbo

At least two people have been killed in Osogbo the state capital of Osun state while many others have also been reportely injured as the protesters stoned and damaged the gvernor's vehicle and others vehicles  in his convoy at the popular Ola-Iya junction.

Governor Gboyega Oyetola who came to the scene to address the protester was unable to satisfactrily answerd some of the questions and issues raised by the aggrived youths.

Known thugs identified with the state government and the ruling All Progressive Party (APC) have been attakimg the protesters since Thursday as Oyetola failed to addressd the youths on Wednesday as schedule before.

He was aske to immediately arrest and prosecute the thug leader called Asiri-Eniba who have been leading the intemidating attacks since three days ago. Oyetola in his words told the gerthering of the youths that the "government don't work that way" that he will consult the commissioner of police in the state as well as the artoney general of the state.

Although, the microphone and speakers brought by the state government was not audible and instead opted to make use of that of the protesters before a person supposely part of the protesters was alledged to be a spy where the leaders of the protest were standing. The surge of a little uproars as some were trying to identify the person saw many runing away as the governor's responses was interrupted. 

Protesters throw stones, woods and any objects at hand as the governor and his convoy try to leave the crowd of the protesters.

Governor's vehicle hits one of the protesters who was on motorcycle and died befoore reaching the LAUTECH teaching hospital in Osogbo.

An eyewitness also confrmed  that another protester was shot to death and one injured within the very few minutes by security officers at Ita-Olokan- Oke Ijetu axises as some aggressively followed the governor's convoy.

Those that carried the dead body of a protester killed by the governor's convoy to the governor's house at Oke-Fia were also fiercely attacked by the security operatives and some thugs staioned there.

The Saturday event which hsa resulted to deaths and injuries of the protesters has aggravated the tensions in the state, especially Osogbo the state capital.

The APC lead government in Nigeria has failed the people especially the youths that riscked everything since 2015 to ensure the victory of the party at the poll. 

The party has failed to deliver on its electoral promises as insecurity and unemployement are on the rise while Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari led APC government has resultd to exploitaion of the poor masses despite the COVID19 effects on the peoples.

The government has increased the electricy tariff, hiked the petrol pump price devalued the Naira currency against the dolar.

The government under Buhari from the inception lack respect for the rule of law, fundamental human rights and freedom of speech among many other ills of the government.

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