( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Akanbi walked past Chuks and Tina and as he got to few meters ahead of them, he turned and said to Chuks one more time..

“ Which way?” Chuks followed quickly with Shola coming behind him.

Tina walked to the buses instead and asked the 7 teens to join the devotion. They were Five ladies and 2 young men.

“ We should Hand them over to Miss Favour, before they join your devotion!” One of the men who brought them replied

“ Yes, I agree but I insist!” Tina said smiling... But as Tina was about to leave, she fell chills all over her body... She walked towards the driver, looked him straight in the eye...

“ Where do I know you from?” Tina asked

“ Nowhere! I have never met you before.”

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“ Do you know the SCA?” Favour asked

“ SCA, Science Center Abeokuta?” The man answered with a puzzled look.

“ Never mind!” Tina said.. “Please come along with me” Tina smiled at the Man’s expansion of the SCA acronym.

“ Tina, you need to stop hallucinating, the SCA can never come near the lighthouse..” Tina calmed herself

Tina walked into the fully packed hall of young people. She saw where Akanbi sat proudly... The praise session was on going and everyone was on their feet except Akanbi.

Chuks was getting ready to step on the podium when he saw Favour walking in the hall...

“ Thank you Jesus!” Chuks heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of Favour...

Favour stepped on the podium...

“ Praise God!”

“ Halleluya!” Everyone chorused... Ajaara was surprised Favour was out.

“ Let’s have our seat!” Favour said. Favour wanted to minister briefly, her eyes were in between sleep and real life.

“ Jude 1:7...And don’t forget Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring towns, which were filled with immorality and every kind of sexual perversion. Those cities were destroyed by fire and serve as a warning of the eternal fire of God’s judgment.”

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“ Sexual immorality or any form of sexual perversion which includes homosexuality, pornography, fornication, Masturbation is a straight way to hell... Now, the hell I am talking about is not only eternal hell, but a person can live a life of hell while on earth. Most young people who get themselves involved in sexual immorality or sexual perversion, begin to live a life of hell, struggling with depression, failure, constant heartbreaks, hatred or disfavour.. the list is countless... therefore this morning all I want to say to you is that in all that you do, avoid sexual immorality or any form of sexual perversion like a plague so you don’t live a life of hell here on earth and eternally...!” Favour struggled to say...

Akanbi was quiet, he was hearing something different from what he was expecting. He thought this was a house for training prostitutes but the Madam of the house; Favour Aribisala was speaking against sexual immorality...

Tunrayo, one of the SCA agents paid rapt attention to the message. She was one of the last Slayers that had been recruited. Being at the SCA, was not because she wanted to, she had been introduced to it by her childhood friend, Aminat.

She had seen Aminat after 5 years and she was surprised at the wealth Aminat had amassed at 19 years old. Aminat has told her about the SCA and how much money she would make through Sex.

On getting to the SCA for the orientation, Tunrayo realized she had made a terrible mistake but it was too late. This Lighthouse assignment was her first assignment. They had been told that if they failed, they were going to be killed...


“ Let everyone be on their feet and pray this prayer... Oh Lord have Mercy on me of all sexual sins I have committed that is making me live a life of hell on earth in Jesus name....” Favour said

Akanbi Damino was almost standing up like the teenagers but he restrained himself...

Favour ears opened and she heard

“ There is a man living a life of hell here on earth...He bedwets...He needs to pray this prayer!” The voice said to her

“ A man?” Favour asked within herself

She didn’t have men here, what she had in the Lighthouse were young men; boys to be precise...

“ Was Chuks bedwetting?” Favour was thinking as the youths continued in their prayers.

“Favour, can you stop thinking and start talking” The voice said

“ I am Sorry Lord... The Spirit Of the Lord says there is a man here, who bedwets. The problem came into your life after having sex with a secondary school student 15 years ago!” Favour kept talking as the Lord gave her utterance...

Akanbi froze on the chair where he sat! This was his biggest secret....Only his sons and Shola, his PA knew about it. Immediately the word came out of Favour’s mouth, Shola looked towards Akanbi. They were both shocked...

“ How did she know about it?” Akanbi’s eyes popped... Shola smiled knowing his boss had met his match!

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Akanbi took to his heels immediately, he felt exposed. Shola followed immediately...

“ Where is he running to? He ought to run to the altar and get delivered of the hell he is going through!” Shola said to himself.

If there was anyone who knew Akanbi so well, he was the one. Shola had recently become born again but hid it from Akanbi. He didn’t like the way his life was going. He was rich & influential, thanks to being the PA to Akanbi Damino. Akanbi’s name had opened doors for him and despite being Akanbi’s PA, he had four companies that fetched him money on a large scale. Yet, he didn’t want to leave Damino, reason being that, Akanbi was a good hearted person despite being very diabolical..

“ Boss! Why are we leaving?” Shola said as they walked

“ I don’t know... but I am not comfortable with this place!”

“ No, it’s not you that is uncomfortable, it is that thing that is uncomfortable, it knows that you are about to be delivered!” Shola said with caution

“ Get me back to the hotel!” Akanbi said. He wanted to go to where his nakedness would be covered...

Favour had her eyes tightly shut, concentrating on the prayers. She didn’t see Akanbi either in the hall or when he walked out.

Chuks noticed Akanbi walking out! He wondered what went wrong but he was faraway from the entrance. He knew if he went after him, Favour would notice...

Devotion time ended, the teens and youths left the hall to get ready for the day... Favour was returning back to her room to continue her sleep when she suddenly remembered the knock at the door earlier. She turned back to find out if there were pressing matters...

Her eyes went straight to Tunrayo. She knew it was a strange face... As she walked closer to her, Tunrayo stood transfixed on a spot in fear.

Favour saw her carrying five puppies and kissing them... At her feet were big male dogs licking her legs...

Favour knew what that meant... Dogs connoted the Spirit Of Sexual immorality and perversion.

“ Why do you have dogs all over you?” Favour asked

Tunrayo stood watching the Lady who had just preached. She had her SCA googles on, she scanned her and noticed she was lit with Fire all over. She was their prime target. Tunrayo was desperate to get the job done, though Favour’s message hit a core in her, she wanted to get the job done and make some money. Tunrayo saw her approaching her with the fire all over her...

“Why do you have dogs all over you?” Favour asked

“ Dogs? I don’t have any dog?”

““ You don’t see dogs in your dream?” Favour asked in a straight forward way...

Favour’s eyes blazed fire and Tunrayo felt caught in the gaze...

“ I see dogs in my dream, once in a while!” Tunrayo confessed

“ What is your name and when did you come into the house?” Favour asked

“ Tunrayo and today is my first day!” Tunrayo said

Favour looked around noticing there were 6 unusual faces staring at her.

Chuks came to her rescue...

“ These are the 7 new intakes from the First Lady!” Chuks said...

“ Oh!” Favour said

“ Come with me!” She said to the 7 of them...

They looked at one another ...

“ Akanbi Damino!” Chuks said and Favour stopped in her tracks

“ What about him?”

“ He is around!”

“ Ok... Where is he? “ Favour said with the intention of meeting with him...

“ Ajaara, please take them to the office, Tina! Please come over here!” Favour said

Chuks, Favour and Tina walked towards the car park, but surprisingly they saw Akanbi’s car driving off.

“ What’s wrong?” Favour asked

“ Pride obviously!” Tina said

“ Ok!” Favour said

“ All the tests we have carried out on your mother, shows that she is perfectly fine, except for the chest infection. We will carry out further tests to know why things are really complicated!” The doctor said to Ife...

“ God please, don’t let mum die!” Ife sobbed

“ Are you with me?” The doctor said

“ Yes!”

“ I think you should see the accounts department!”

Fred had his hand over his head...He just got off the phone with Ife. The hospital was asking for money... There was no other option, he had to follow Akinbo’s advise... Sell the property, pay his debt to Akanbi Damino and now instead of giving some money to the Lighthouse, it had to be spent on Bolaji’s treatment...

Fred picked up his phone in pain, dialing Akinbo’s number...

“ Hello, Akinbo... I need to sell the property...Do you know who may be interested in buying it!”

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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