( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Akanbi couldn’t sleep that night! He couldn’t fathom how Favour could possess any form of Spiritual power that challenged what he had.

“ She is not rich! Neither is she influential.!” Akanbi said aloud

“ I know, but she has that which you are looking for! You think you are more influential than she is, No! She has influenced and impacted more lives than you have done. You only help those who come begging from you, but she goes out begging to help people. You think you are rich! No she is richer than you! You STORE in banks where the money does NOTHING, but every money that comes in for her, she spends on other people to make their lives better.” The voice said to Akanbi

Akanbi sat back on the hotel bed...

“ What does she do? I never did a background study on her?” Akanbi reasoned. It was unlike him not to do a background search on people.

He typed in her name into one of the search engine websites, and though different people with the same name popped up, he was able to single out Favour.

He saw pictures of the Lighthouse, he took his time to go through everything he could find on her online. It was like the case of King Ahaserus who could not sleep because of Mordecai...

Akanbi felt like someone stood beside him, confirming who Favour Aribisala was. The Presence beside him kept encouraging him to search for more about her online, the Presence was like a recommendation Voice. As he sat for hours, he was able to get all the information he needed.

He realized Favour Aribisala was a Christian. It had never crossed his mind that the power he was looking for was the Christian Power. Akanbi doubted if the Source Of the Spiritual power was basically the Christianity she was professing. Akanbi didn’t regard Christians, he saw them as talkatives with no power. He had a few of them around, his late wife was a Christian and while on his quest for power, he had lost his wife. He still was unsure if his wife was a sacrifice. All he knew was that one of the days he had gone to do a major ritual for his business over night, he came back home to meet his wife dead.

His wife, Tanimola was a Church going Christian. She never missed a service, so it came as a shock to Akanbi that she died. That was when he drew the conclusion that Christianity was a weak religion.

“ So what makes this Favour’s Christianity more powerful than Tanimola’s Christianity?” Akanbi asked himself “This Favour probably is fetish, Isn’t it obvious? Uyai, the brothel keeper works with her!” Akanbi said to her

“ Why don’t you get close to her? To Find answers to your questions. You should be able to find out her secret!” The Voice said to him

“ Exactly, I will not relent until I find out her secret! I must get this power!” Akanbi resolved before he was able to go to sleep around 4am...

Favour had been having trouble sleeping after they had concluded their vigil around 2am. Chuks had encouraged them to pray as regards the new teens the First Lady was bringing and Akanbi Damino’s appearance at the Lighthouse. Favour had been too overwhelmed to pray really hard. Tina , Chuks and Mrs Uyai had more intensity in their prayers...

“ God! I am so confused as to what to do? Do I accept the teens?”

“ Yes!” Favour heard the reply in her Spirit

Favour heaved a sigh of relief. God had given his Word concerning the teens.

“ God, Why is Akanbi Damino after me!”

“ He is not after you! He is after me.!” The Voice replied

“ Then, that means he can find You elsewhere... I mean there are General overseers who are wealthy as he is or if not upto, at least some millions away from him. He will listen to them...”

“ I cannot trust some of them with him... Moreover, Who I send on an assignment is my choice. With you, I want to teach him a lot of lessons!” The Voice Said

“ But God, I have a single prayer request that will make things easier for me...”

“ Which is?”

“ God, please reveal me to Akanbi Damino in a way that would make me relevant to Him so that the Work you want me to do for you will be Speedily achieved In Jesus name.” Favour prayed...

“ Granted!”


Akanbi found himself at a T junction, not knowing where to go, there were two road options... He saw a lady walking towards him from the left, he thought she wanted to show him the road to take, instead she robbed him of all his clothes at gun point. Akanbi became naked...

He had two situations at hand , he didn’t know which road to take and he was naked. Suddenly he saw another lady coming from the right side . As she approached him, Akanbi discovers it is Favour. Favour gives him a new set of clothes and shows him the right path....

Akanbi woke up intrigued...

“ This lady again! There must be something about this lady...”

Followed was a beep on his phone, it was a message from Shola...

“ Good Morning Sir, I apologize for texting so early. I decided to text so that I don’t swallow my words when I see you. I just woke up from a dream. I saw the Lady Favour Aribisala dressing you up in a beautiful “Agbada”( Yoruba Honourable wear). Sir, I would plead that you wait to see that woman this morning before we leave. She definitely has a lot to offer. Thank you Boss!”

Akanbi read the message and nodded...

“ Same dream in one night! This lady definitely has a lot to offer and I can’t wait to have them.” Akanbi said nodding his head.

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Favour heard the Knock on her door. She struggled to have her eyes opened as she had finally slept around 5:30am.

She checked her bedside clock, it was 6:30am, Favour wished the person knocking could give her extra two hours...

“ Please I just slept, can whatever is demanding my attention wait for 2 hours!” Favour said

She knew if she stood up, she would develop serious migraine.

“ Okay Aunty Favour!” Ajaara said

Ajaara walked towards Tina and Chuks...

“ Uncle Chuks, she said she needs two hours sleep... I guess she just went to bed..” Ajaara said

Chuks turned to face Shola...

“ Mr Akanbi will have to wait for her, we had a vigil and I guess she didn’t sleep afterwards.” Chuks said

“ Alright! We will wait. Let me inform my boss!” Shola said.

Shola walked towards the Vehicle, he was having a mental calculation of how to present the matter to Akanbi in a way that would make Akanbi wait for two hours... Akanbi never waited for people. People waited for Akanbi.

Akanbi watched as Shola approached him, he could tell by the way Shola was rubbing his head that something wasn’t right!

“ She doesn’t want to see me? Well she will be forced to, because I am not leaving here until she does!” Akanbi said before Shola had the Opportunity to say a word...

“ No... she..” Shola was saying when Akanbi cut in

“ Shola, I don’t want to hear anything you have to say in her defense... If she feels she is stubborn, I am double stubborn!” Akanbi said...

Shola was about to clarify the issue, but he stopped when Akanbi’s family phone rang... Only Akanbi’s two sons called that line.

“ Hello Ropo, How are you Son?” Akanbi said

“ Fine father! Where are you? Just got home and I was told you left home yesterday..” Ropo said

“ I am on a business trip, I should be back today, latest tomorrow!” Akanbi said. Ropo was his second son. He was the handsome replica of his mother. His birth name had been Isaiah, which his mother gave him as a Christian she was. Shortly after she died when Isaiah was three years old, Akanbi changed his name to Ropo ( Replacement) because to Akanbi, he looked just like his mother...

“ Dad, we have boys’ talk... I met this girl in school but she....” Ropo was saying but Akanbi’s attention shifted from what Ropo was saying to two white buses that drove into the lighthouse compound...

“ Son, can we talk about this later! I need to go!” Akanbi said

“ Ok... I guess we will have the talk when you get back... I am really serious about this girl.. she is kinda different from....”Ropo was saying but Akanbi ended the call...

Akanbi watched as Five beautiful girls alighted from the Bus...

“ Okkkk... Guess these are the new sets of prostitutes to be recruited! Interesting! Christian indeed!” Akanbi said mockingly

Akanbi watched as Chuks walked towards the bus. He couldn’t tell what he was discussing with one of the men who brought the ladies. After few minutes of the conversation, Akanbi could tell they also had to wait for the Almighty Favour Aribisala...

Favour felt an urgency in her Spirit to get up from bed...

“ God please, I need to sleep... “ Favour was exhausted

“ Get up!” The Holy Spirit said to her

“ Oh ! Daddy I want to sleep!” Favour grumbled playfully

“ You haven’t had devotion this morning!” Favour heard In her Spirit

“ Chuks, Tina, Madam Uyai or Ajaara or Tunde can handle the devotion without me...”

“I want you to handle today’s devotion!”

“ Oh...Oh... Daddy... I don’t even know the Word to minister this morning...” Favour felt like crying. Her entire body was sore. She wanted to sleep so bad, but she knew God wanted her on duty...

“ Okay... Daddy... For this I must get Icecream today!” Favour said

“ Icecream? But I thought you said no more Icecream...” The voice said laughing

“ I need sugar in my system today...” Favour said as she walked towards her bathroom

“ You will have Icecream today!” The voice replied...

Favour checked her time, it was 6:55am. She had five minutes to devotion time. She knew she couldn’t have her bath, instead she brushed her teeth in a rush...

“ Good Morning Everyone; it’s time for morning devotion... Let’s gather In the hall! God bless you!” Ajaara’s Beautiful voice echoed from the public address system...

Everyone in the compound heard the announcement...

“ Morning Devotion!” Akanbi sighed... “ Christians and hypocrisy...Morning devotions in a privately owned company for training prostitutes!” Akanbi laughed out loud

“I should go in and listen to what they teach them!” Akanbi said to himself.

He beckoned on Shola...

“ Tell the man I want to attend the morning devotion!” Akanbi said referring to Chuks

“ Ok sir!”

As Chuks saw Shola walking up to him, he feared Akanbi was about to leave. He really wanted him to meet with Favour. He knew if Favour had an hour conversation with him, his life would not remain the same. Chuks knew he was a product of Favour’s prayers, intercession and Mentorship. He was hoping Akanbi was not despising Favour because of her look, age and gender...

“Can My Boss join the devotion?” Shola said outrightly

Chuks was a bit taken aback...

“ Sure!” Chuks said wishing it was Favour that would minister. Since Favour was still sleeping, he was the next to minister.

Chuks immediately knew the message he was going to preach. He was going to preach about Naaman who was a leper and because Elisha told him to go dip himself in the not-so-clean river Jordan, he almost lost his healing.

“ Sure! That would be great!” Chuks said and Tina looked at him surprisingly...

As Shola returned, Tina spoke up...

“ Why? That is exposing the House to him!”

“ No, it is exposing him to what God brought him here for. Tina, I see beyond what is happening... God did not bring Akanbi here for nothing!!”

“ I hope God opens my eyes, because I don’t trust this Akanbi of a man!”

“ So what are you saying?”

“ Let him stay in the vehicle till Favour wakes up...” Tina said

“ Too late!” Chuks said as he saw Akanbi approaching him...

“Favour will not like this!” Tina said

“ Unless we say we invited everyone...”

“ Everyone?”

“ Yes, let the 7 teens join him!” Chuks suggested

By this time, Akanbi had reached where they were...

“ Which way to the hall?” Akanbi said but Chuks and Favour exchanged looks not sure of what they were about to do!

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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