Sudanese joint security forces arrest dozens of mercenaries en route to Libya

The Sudanese joint security forces arrested dozens of individuals who were on their way to Libya to work as mercenaries, the spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, Brigadier Jamal Jumaa made the announcement on Sunday. 

The joint security force managed to arrest 122 spoilers, including 8 children who were going to work as mercenaries in Libya. 

Jumaa said that 72 of those arrested will face charges under Article 5 / H of the Emergency Law related to “attacking the Katrum camp, belonging to the Revolutionary Awakening Council, buying weapons, child soldiers, inciting against the state, provoking tribal strife, and armed robbery,” while 50 others will be handed over to the police because there are suspected cases against them.

The Spokesman for Rapid Support Forces considered the arrest of this group a major act calculated by the security forces and informing the people and citizens of the crimes committed against Sudan through the use of youth, at a time when all efforts in the search for peace and the transition period are moving towards safety and democracy.

He explained that the joint force consisting of the police, army, security and rapid support was able to arrest these groups in different areas of Darfur, including Sarf Amra, Kabkabiya and Kulbus.

He pointed out that this work was carried out after the Supreme Security Committee received documented information that a number of Sudanese people were being recruited to work as mercenaries in Libya.

He explained that the Supreme Security Committee confirmed all information regarding the existence of correspondence between two people in Sudan to recruit 1,000 young men to fight in Libya, noting that in February, the Rapid Support Forces arrested a group of 243 people in both El Fasher and El Geneina and were brought to justice.

Brigadier Jamal Jumaa called for the enactment of deterrent laws to reduce these crimes.

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