Court prohibits US ambassador to Lebanon from making media statements

The Judge of Urgent Matters in Soor (var. Tyre), Mohammad Mazeh, issued a decision prohibiting the American ambassador to Lebanon from making media statements and preventing any Lebanese media outlets from taking a permit for her in this context.

The U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea said on Friday that “the Lebanese do not suffer from Washington’s policy but rather decades of corruption”, stressing that “Washington is one of the biggest supporters of Lebanon.”

In an interview with Al-Hadath, Shea pointed out that “Washington has grave concern from Hezbollah in Lebanon, which we classify as terrorists. Hezbollah has built a state within the state that has drained Lebanon.”

She said: “the Hezbollah state cost the Lebanese state billions of dollars, and that billions of dollars went to the Hezbollah state instead of the government treasury.”

Shea stressed that the “Caesar Law” is not directed at the Lebanese people and the Lebanese economy, and that it targets only the Syrian government and its supporters.

She declared that “there are sanctions that may affect Hezbollah allies and supporters from other sects, and that there are sanctions against terrorists that affect Hezbollah and its supporters.”

“The Lebanese demands are right, and the government must abide by the demands of October 17,” she said. “This movement is my demand, organic and spontaneous.”

Source: AMN

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