White House counsel: It's "not right" to subpoena John Bolton

White House counsel Pat Cipollone briefly spoke on the Senate Floor following House manager Val Demings, responding to Adam Schiff’s assertion that he’d call former White House national security adviser John Bolton to testify in the Senate.

He said that issuing a subpoena for Bolton is “not right” since the House forwent their opportunity to call him to testify during their trial.

Cipollone referenced a letter from Bolton and Charles Kupperman’s lawyer dated Nov. 8 regarding subpoenas for Bolton and Kupperman’s testimony.

The House, Cipollone said, “never subpoenaed Ambassador Bolton, … and they withdrew the subpoena for Charles Kupperman. And they ask you to issue a subpoena for John Bolton. It’s not right,” he said

He yielded the remainder of his time to the President’s outside counsel, Jay Sekulow.

Senate tables amendment to subpoena State Department documents

The Senate voted along party lines to table Sen. Chuck Schumer's second amendment to Mitch McConnell's resolution.

The vote was 53 Republicans in favor and 47 Democrats against tabling the amendment.

Schumer is now introducing a third amendment to subpoena relevant documents from the Office of Management and Budget.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave senators a brief rundown of what to expect following the debate on the third amendment.

He reminded senators that he would be moving to table the amendment following the debate.

"And it is important to remember, both the evidence and witnesses are addressed in the underlying resolution," the Kentucky Republican said.

Both parties will have two hours to argue the amendment, which was introduced by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The amendment calls on the Senate to subpoena key documents from the Office of Budget and Management.

Once the debate is over, McConnell said they will vote on the amendment, then take a 30-minute recess for dinner.

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