Recaps of what happened during the first hearing of Trump's impeachment trial

Democratic delegates at the first hearing of the US President's impeachment hearing in the US Senate failed to force the government to submit documents on Ukraine.

Republican Senate Republicans in first hearing of Donald Trump's impeachment trial pass several laws passed by Democrats aimed at forcing the government to provide more evidence on Trump's talk with Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin. Had been prevented.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer voted three votes. The plans called for documents related to Trump's telephone conversation that the White House, the US State Department and the Office of Administration and Budget had refused to submit to the House of Representatives in the course of impeachment investigations.

Senate Republicans Reject Effort To Compel Documents On Delayed Ukraine Aid

White House Counsel: It's "Not Right" To Subpoena John Bolton

Senate MPs retained all their party affiliations when they voted for all three of them, rejecting them by two to three. At 4:30 pm local time (American time), Schumer introduced the Fourth Amendment. The plan calls for the testimony of Mick Maloney, the interim chief of staff at the White House.

The legal amendments introduced by Schumer are part of a Democratic effort in both chambers of Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) to attack a resolution specifying the rules of the impeachment court.

In American law, the statutory framework for determining how a president's trial is to be laid down is vested in the Senate Majority Leader.

The dispute over the rules began after Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell made changes to the trial resolution.

Biden's Son And Trump's Raw Telephone Conversation With President Zelenskyy Of Ukraine
Under the new plan, the trial will take place over a period of two days, with the team of trial chiefs given two hours each and two hours for Trump's lawyers in the first two days. Senators will not be allowed to have a cell phone, and witness testimony will be held behind closed doors. The plan envisions allowing the chairman to vote on the president's acquittal whenever he sees fit.

Trump has been impeached in the Democratic-majority US House of Representatives and has now become the third president in American history to face the prospect of being fired in the Senate. The Senate Republican majority, however, is close to zero with the Democrats' success in ousting Trump.

Trump's impeachment process began after a revelator informed the media that Trump had been in a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart to pressure him to investigate the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential race. Slow. Biden's son is on the board of a Ukrainian holding company and Trump apparently hoped to undermine his political rival by investigating the holding and "Hunter Biden" relations

US Senate Impeachment Trial Kicks Off With Revised Rules Giving Three Days To Each Side For Opening Arguments

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