PRESS RELEASE: NNPCL To Supply 46.2% of Dangote Refinery Crude: Too Many Questions Unanswered

 21st May 2023

The Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL), Mele Kyari has announced that Nigeria's national oil company

will begin to supply Dangote refinery 300,000 barrel of crude oil daily this week.

The 300,000 barrels

 is 46.2% of Dangote's daily crude oil needs.

This is another phase and beginning of corporate capture of our Commonwealth by frontiers of the ruling class.

Mr. Kyari was quoted to have said that"we want to address the energy challenges so that industrialization can come to the country."

Has any monopoly arrangements ever enthrone industrialization in any climes?

The Publish What You Pay (PWYP), Nigeria wonders why the nation's four (4) refineries that several billions of dollars have been wasted on cannot work while the managers of our economy are happy to cheaply give away the people's natural resources while host communities lives in degraded, environmentally polluted and disease invested underserved communities: and the citizenry lives in

abject poverty.

Industrialization, growth and development can only come when we deploy our resources for a productive economy away from casino economy.

When our refineries are functional, we derive several dozens of petroleum by-products like petrol, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, paraffin, heavy fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gases (LPG), petrochemical, feedstock and bitumen. Including: fertilizer, flooring (floor covering), perfume, insecticide, petroleum jelly, soap, vitamins and some essential amino acids etc.

All these petroleum wastes will reposition thousands of our ailing and collapsed industries for value chain activities, employment and revenue generation; for the government, the informal economy and the mass of our people.

We have said it for the umpteenth time that oil swaps will continue in a weak, leaking, corrupt, and compromised system like we have suffered and continue to suffer in Nigeria.

PWYP would like NNPC to publicly provide response or publish the followings:

A) the contract between Dangote and Nigerian Government to enable citizens understand that content and commitments, and ways of monitoring the contract implementation.

B) How long will this swap continue?

C) How would this development address industrialization of the country?

D). What happens to the nation's four (4) refineries that we have wasted several billions of dollars in turn-around- maintaince (TAM), staff remunerations and other expenses?

E). Would our refineries go the way of the Discos, Gencos and other government enterprises that were grossly under valued and sold under the guise of privatization?

F). If oil swaps continue to be the focus of the oil regime in Nigeria, then the gradual transition to just clean Energy Transition (J-CET) becomes a goose chase.

G). The NNPCL said it was going to visit Saudi Arabia to learn from the operations of ARAMCO, government owned company; we wonder what lessons the management of the NNPCL brought back to the country for the purpose of doing things different to move our oil and gas sector forward.

We will readily advocate, monitor and speak against any arrangement that is akin to economic sabotage and looting of our commonwealth.

To us, productivity is the road to industrialization and national development.

COMRADE Otitolaye Taiwo 

National Coordinator

PWYP, Nigeria

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