LIVE IN LAGOS: A Tribute To @YeleSowore @50, A political symposium of the masses towards the liberation struggle (With Photos)

By Isaac Obasi

We celebrate and solidarise with the consistent and fiery activist Omoyele Sowore in the face of persecution because he has played major roles in democracy for 30 years standing tall and a force to reckon with in the struggle to liberate over 150 million Nigerians that have been perpetually kept in abject poverty for decades by the rogue political class.

The fact that a revolution is needed in Nigeria is no longer news, rather the need for it is urgent but what kind of revolution do we need? I will say it depends on what you understand by the word "Revolution". 

Revolution simply means "turning around" Nigeria on the path of redemption economically and politically replacing the rotten and rogue capitalist governments

of the APC and PDP, overturning the existing status quo. The middle class which involves the youths, students, professionals and also the large mass of the impoverished populace holds the key to make this happen. 

Ethnic, religious and political divisions is ravaging Nigeria making cohesion difficult to fight the monsters and oppressors that has made Nigeria the poverty capital of the world and is getting worse everyday where over 150 million are languishing in abject poverty as a result of the failed present and past governments.

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