Let APC register 10 million new members, they have failed the country - Dele Abiola

As the registration of new members and revalidation of the old members are ongoing within the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC  across the country, comrade 'Dele Abiola has said, such exercise are of no relevant to the well being of the citizens.

Comrade Dele who contested for a house of representatives seat in Ogbomoso federal constituency II in the 2019 general election on the platform of African Action Congress (AAC) said, what the country needs is good Governance that ensure Creation of wealth, take the young people out of our streets and utilizes their energy productively.

Reaching him via email, in his response, " The party and it's leadership both in the governments and at the party levels are threats to the well being of all and sundry maybe with the exception of the privileged minority that are currently taking the country for a ride under them"

"Let APC have 10 million registered members or more, the fact remains that they have failed the country and compounded the woes of the citizens"

"We asked for security of lives and properties but they have added insecurity upon Insecurity, they have created, Banditary, Supported Herdsmen and encourage corruption like never before"

"The Major General Muhammadu Buhari led APC maladministration has succeeded in increasing the fuel pump price, electricity tariff and Vat without any additional values added to the concerned and critical sectors"

"The country has remained perpetually made unsecured under their watch, and the life more brutished at all levels of their governments."

"Instead for this failed regime to arrest insecurity, they have been the very backbone of the insecurity confronting the land, negotiating with killer terrorists but opened fire against the armless Protesters on our streets."

" Their failure have led us to reckless lost many lives in form killing, poverty, hunger, killings from security operatives, Kidnapping by the herdsmen, money laundering by the so called change advocates."

Their governors hidded away the Covid19 Palliative from the citizens they locked down in pandemic period. Nepotism and favoritism rule supremely in their who gets what, when and how."

"They lack instincts for good governance and they are generally wicked and anti people in their orientation. That is why instead of job creation to minimize poverty, they will always go for useless capital projects that will enable them recoup more money to buy voters and or votes in the next election. Nigeria needs more than party but those who will personately serve the land and not the set of Buhari led rogues that will be constructing Rail projects in Niger republic."

"It's not their membership registration and validation that will give them votes but their failure to live up to the expectations of Nigerians that will show them exit doors." 

"In Europe, Asia and America the governments go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy. But in Nigeria the government go out of their way to make sure everyone is sad and miserable.

"Under the current leadership, the Nigeria State and largely, Nigerian Society have been compromised and rampantly embrace the moral degeneracy which has demoralized many sensible and straightforward people as many are leaving the country to live abroad in Europe or North America." He concluded.

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