Flashback: The Crowd funding of Major General Muhammadu Buhari's 2015 election by Miyetti Allah - Femi Ogunsanwo

September 2014 one fateful day, the APC Presidential Aspirant General Muhammad Buhari launched the crowd funding platform at International Conference Centre Abuja that was meant to fund his campaign, he informed the whole world that he will be the sole signatory to the First Bank Account number 2026724405. That account has him as sole signatory but some smart alecs played a fast game with "itchy fingers" with the funds. Story for another day actually how the heist was perfected

In my capacity then as Head, Special Duties there are few duties assigned to me and the crowd funding related issues was in my purview then (na only paperwork o). So one sunny afternoon in January 2015 after Buhari emergence as party flagbearer, some group of people were brought to me by aide to one big oga and I was told Oga xxxxx wants you to explain the modalities and give them all assistance how the folks can contribute to the crowd funding 

After exchanging pleasantries realised they are Miyetti Allah group (not sure the exact one now). The one who acted as spokesperson assured me they will contribute hugely, so I explained what needed to be done, phone numbers exchanged between us for coordination and rapprochement 

Then I didn't realise the Miyetti Allah has several groups or whether they are all the same, because shortly after the visit to our BSO office, another Miyetti Allah group appointed Goodluck Jonathan as their patron, so in my head I was thinking what kind of expensive joke is going on or maybe they are just astute players of politics who hedged their bets, supporting the two major candidates in that election 

Anyway when I read provocative statements today, watch the Miyetti Allah people strutting about like peacocks and making outrageous demands from government. I tend to understand reason for their entitled disposition, because only God/Allah knew what agreement or pact made with candidate Buhari then plus they contributed hugely to his campaign which they are probably drawing from their "investments" now


Femi Ogunsanwo

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