Meetings, warnings, petitions, press conferences, reprisal attacks, et cetera, may help in sensitizing the people and publicizing the need for an end to injustices, police brutality, police biases, herders/farmers conflicts, kidnappings, et cetera. 

But such cannot bring about the needed changes in Nigeria and its obnoxious 1999 constitution.

The imperative and urgency of now is for leaders of the country’s ethnic nationalities to form a united political front to wage a relentless war on the 1999 constitution as it stands. 

The united political front should convoke Constituent Assembles in the four zones that are ready for geopolitical restructuring of the country into autonomous regions. 

These zones are the Northcentral, Southeast,  Southsouth and the Southwest.

Once a ‘True Federalism Constitution’  is adopted by these four zones, the movement to restructure and reconfederate the country becomes unstoppable and the remaining two zones in the Northeast and Northwest will have no choice but to embrace the geopolitical restructuring juggernaut.

The clincher will be the sponsorship of a joint southern presidential candidate by the four zones with the vice presidential candidate from the far North. 

The presidential ticket should run on the platform of a new ‘true federalism constitution’ that is anchored on regional autonomy and self rule for the country’s ethnic nationalities in the 2023 presidential and general elections.

The radical alternative is dismemberment or de-amalgamation of the Federation, a remote possibility in the present circumstances.

Referenced by:

Hon. Opeyemi Fatola.

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