Criminals Everywhere: Makinde led Oyo State Government Diverted Palliatives for party's members

Governor Seyi Makinde led Oyo state Government and Political Party leaders have DIVERTED the PALLIATIVES meant for Nigerians to celebrate the Christmas Festival in the state. 

They denied citizens access to where the PALLIATIVES were kept but shared the same to their party leaders and loyalists.

The agitations from concerned citizens are: This is WICKEDNESS.  SEYI MAKINDE SHAME ON YOU! @seyi_amakinde is this right? We demand the immediate distribution of the palliatives to the right people , failure to punish these criminals will mean you are in support of this broad daylight robbery. Enough is Enough!

The truth about the leadership at all levels of governments in Nigeria is that they are all criminals defrauding Nigerians at every given opportunity.

The APC/ PDP leadership are common enemies of the Nigerians and Nigerian state that must be abrogated by any means possible.

In a related development, a set of Hilux were captured in a video at the Oyo State Secretariat transferring COVID-19 palliatives meant to be shared with citizens to an unknown site.

In a video going viral on social media, some men were seen offloading the warehouse to the Hilux.

The video was a confirmation that just like APC leaders and governors, Makinde led administration also kept the palliatives while thousands of citizens go to bed hungry daily.

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