Nigeria @60: Buhari / APC Government is a threat to citizenry, Nigerian State as an entity - Comrade Dele Abiola

Com. Dele Abiola
Comrade Oludele Abiola has said the Major General Muhammadu Buhari led All Progressive Congress administration in Nigeria has emerged as big threat to the Nigerian citizens and Nigerian state in all ramifications.

The Ogbomoso born Comrade made the statement as parts of an online interview taged "60 QUESTIONS WITH COMRADE DELE ABIOLA"

When asked: Nigeria @ 60, what can you say of President Muhammadu Buhari led Government?

"......the  Major General led APC Government has emerged as a big threat to the citizens and state existence in all areas and spheres.  Nigerians definitely knew what they wanted and it was never an offense to route for the change of government as was witnessed 2015. But their best as demonstrated by Buhari led  government has clearly shown that their generation can not lead us into any greatness as they post more and imminent dangers day by day to both the citizens and state through the Buhari's inhuman policies and programs, lack of well thought out programs before implementation or mainly for the interest of this around him.

"The government from day one in all its policies and programs failed the notions of maximum pleasures for greater numbers of people, even all the appointments are evident in this."

"Buharists in government are the mothers and fathers of corruptions and indisciplines, lack of visions and full of rhetorics without profitable actions."

I think if God really 'ruleth' in the affairs of men, He is not in the affairs of Nigeria or surely at most He is not pleased with Buhari and his government, hence Buhari has succeeded in leading us from one problem to the others."

"The government has failed on the majored bedrock of their campaigns which are fighting corruptions, insecurities, restructuring, restoring the economy, making our refineries to work again among many others.

But has drastically resulted to the exploitation of the citizens for their endless greediness, is there any subsidy at all on petrol, that they have been removing since 2015? Capital no is my answer. They are without any idea on how to make the country works effectively for all and sundry. They are nepotically disillusioned at all levels of APC led administration in the country.

 "The administration has provided logistics and supports for the insurgents killing the defenseless citizens in all parts of the country. Today, Buhari led Nigeria government represented a more compounding problems to all and Sundry and genuine lovers of Nigeria good governance more than what Boko Haram or ISWAP represented."

Comrade Dele Abiola Contested for a House of Representatives seat in Ogbomoso constituency 2 in the 2019 general election on the platform of African Action Congress (AAC)

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