( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ Hey! Are you okay?” Claire; Bolaji’s colleague said

“ I don’t know... I am feeling okay, so I am a bit surprised at the blood thing!” Bolaji replied

“ Sometimes, we may be looking okay or even feeling okay, but some of our organs may need immediate attention. Coughing out blood is not something to take lightly. You know none of the other staff members should see this... You will be under the big spotlight...” Claire said

Bolaji stood up quickly to freshen up, but Claire stopped her...

“ Or was the dream for you?” Claire said

“ What dream?”

“ I saw a big angel throwing a spear at a lady’s heart. I hope you haven’t done anything to attract God’s punishment?” Claire said

“ Claire, sometimes I wonder why you are White, you should be black from Africa. You believe so much in demonism that you are beginning to suspect a mere cough to be the work of an angel...Why would God send an angel against me... I am not a demon” Bolaji said laughing

“ But you are a demon!” Claire said jokingly “When Someone doesn’t give you what you want, you always unleash. You need to work on your temper...” Claire said once again, laughing really hard.

“ Thank you, I am a good demon not a bad demon!” Bolaji said laughing as well as she walked towards the toilet, but as she stood up, she felt her leg was wobbly...

“ Am I really a demon?” She asked herself

“ No, you are not !” She replied herself “God can not send an angel against me, this is just something I need to see the doctor on” She encouraged herself

“ I believe we were at ease In Zion, that is a big lesson. I hope we didn’t disappoint God on this. Considering the major assignment on our hands; Akanbi Damino” Favour said as she stood by the window gazing out through the window...

“ I don’t believe we have lost the property, our God is a God of recovery. He found the lost axehead from the river. He can give us back the property...” Chuks said “Remember, he found the lost me!” Chuks said smiling...

“ Hmmm... And God takes recovery very seriously... I woke up reading Luke 15 this morning about the extent a Shepherd goes to look for the lost sheep and how the woman goes to any extent to find the lost coin... I believe we need to pray that God Should go to any length to recover our lost property in Jesus name.”Tina said

“ Right! Don’t let’s waste that prayer point!” Favour said

The trio joined hands together. Firstly, they asked for forgiveness for their negligence and afterwards for 1 hour they prayed in words and in tongues, asking the Lord to go to any length to recover what they had lost...

The prayer was simple...

“ Oh lord, go to any extent and help us recover all that we have lost consciously or unconsciously. Just the way the woman looking for the lost coin would have swept everywhere to look for that coin, Lord sweep the world and recover this lost property in Jesus name...”

Unknown to the trio who were praying about the property. Bellarose, one of the new intakes at the lighthouse was praying the prayer with them. She was seated outside Favour’s office...

She repeated the prayer seriously... Bellarose was one of the teenagers Gloria had met and had referred to the lighthouse.

Just like Gloria, she was introduced to promiscuity as early as 13 years old. She became a full blown prostitute by 15. Bellarose knew before she got into prostitute, she was very talented In singing but at the point she had lost the voice. Bellarose was 19 and she knew she was empty so she knew she needed that prayer more than anything...

She left where she was seated and went to one of the common rooms...

“God, I thank you for life and I thank you for bringing me here. God I heard you take recovery seriously... please I know I have been scattered all over the world, I know my glory has been extracted from me by virtue of different men I have slept with... I want you to help me recover all I have lost... God search everywhere and bring them to me... “ Bellarose cried out loud....

Favour’s Inner Eye were opened... she found herself in a storehouse that looked like a supermarket. She looked on the racks for the tags, she saw tags like “STOLEN” “ LOST” “ DONATED”. The products on display were not earthly materials but it looked like gold bars...On the goldlike bars, names of the owner of the goldlike bars were written on it and what they represented in the physical world...Favour knew what she was looking for; it was the property that the devil had stolen from them.


Favour kept looking for the property but as she passed by the “ LOST” section, she saw one of the goldlike bars that had her inscription on it...

“ Favour Aribisala:

Favour stood transfixed asking herself where this place was....

“ You are asking where this place is?” A tall handsome man appeared beside Favour..

“ Yes...!” Favour said

“ It is the devil’s storehouse. Where he keeps things he stole from humans, things humans lost by themselves and others!”

“ Jesus!”

“ Yes, He is your saviour, keep saying that name here and you will be able to take out some of your things you lost here...!” The man said smiling

Favour snapped out of her vision back to reality.

“ Jesus!” She screamed

“ What!” the other two said

“ You wouldn’t believe what I just saw now!”

To be continued


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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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