Palestinians Strongly Condemn and reject Israel-UAE deal, call for Arab League meeting

Palestinians strongly condemn the trilateral agreement earlier settled between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) spokesperson said in a statement.

Official Palestinian news agency says Palestinians are recalling their ambassador from the UAE over the deal.

Earlier in the day, the three countries announced in their joint statement that a deal under the name "The Abraham Accord" has been brokered by the United States. The deal envisages Israel and the United Arab Emirates establishing diplomatic ties, and Tel Aviv dropping its plans to extend its sovereignty over West Bank.

"The Palestinian leadership announces its strong rejection and condemnation of the trilateral agreement to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE, mediated by the United States," the statement said.

It also outlined that the PNA "views this step as an attempt to undermine the Arab peace initiative and the Arab League decision", naming it "an aggression against the Palestinian people".

PNA called for an emergency session of Arab League and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, demanding the trilateral agreement to be rejected.

The statement of PNA spokesman also emphasized that neither the UAE nor any other party has the right to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people, stressing that the Palestine Liberation Organization is the only legal representative of the Palestinians.

According to a separate statement made by Foreign Affairs Minister of the PNA, Riyad Al-Maliki, the Palestinian ambassador to the UAE has been recalled after the joint statement from the three countries on their agreement.

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