Russia calls on US to stop occupying Syria, Israel to end attacks

Moscow has called on Washington to stop occupying Syria territory and Israel to end attacks in the Arab Nation.
Vasily Nebenzia who is the Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations made the call on the United States to end the occupation of Syria and return oil fields to the government.

He also called on Israel to stop airstrikes on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Nebenzia said these during the UN Security Council session drawing the attention of members of the United Nations and the Security Council to reports of the Western press about a widespread environmental catastrophe that threatens northeastern Syria and Iraq because of the barbaric methods of extracting oil in the fields that the United States claims to defend.” .

“We repeat our call to the United States of America to immediately end its occupation of Syria and return its national resources to a government that is able to protect the environment.”

According to the Russian diploma, Syria is losing about $40 million in revenue every month.

“We reiterate our call to Israel to stop airstrikes on Syrian lands, and to end the foreign occupation of Syria, as well as attempts to dismantle Syria into parts.”

Nebenzia stressed the need to solve the internal problems of Syria through a comprehensive and wide dialogue.

About 90 percent of Syrian oil production is concentrated on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, which was previously the main source of terrorist income for the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh).

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