Iran Says cause of nuclear reactor blast has been found after Tehran sent warnings to US and Israel

A spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Kivan Khosravi, announced that the authorities have conducted investigations into the explosion that took place at the Natanz nuclear facility.

Khosravi said  on Friday that “the technical and security investigations conducted by the concerned authorities have reached the cause of the incident at the Ahmadi Roshan nuclear complex in Natanz, which occurred Thursday morning.”

According to him, investigation team studied the “assumptions about the cause of the incident carefully and the main cause of it has been identified.”
“Given some security considerations, the cause and circumstances of the Natanz incident will be announced in due course,” stressing that the damage to the facility is “limited”,  and that no nuclear material was present at the accident site and that radiation leaks are completely excluded.

Meanwhile, hours after the Natanz nuclear facility was destroyed, the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) published an article in which it alluded to the involvement of enemy states, including Israel and the United States, in the incident.

“If there are indications that hostile countries cross Iran’s red lines in any way, especially Israel and the United States, then Iran’s strategy to confront the new situation should be reviewed intensely.” The IRNA report stated that anonymous accounts on Israeli social media claimed that they were responsible for “sabotage attempts.”

The BBC language channel, which the Iranian authorities consider hostile, said it had received a statement “hours before” the accident from a group called “National Panthers” and claimed responsibility for the accident.

The group claimed that it included “defectors present in the Iranian security services” and said that the site was targeted because it was not “underground” and therefore it cannot be denied.

The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization did not provide an explanation as to the cause of the fire that broke out in a construction unit for uranium enrichment at the Naznaz nuclear reactor on Thursday.

The Iranian media reported that the explosion was likely due to a gas leak, but this has never been confirmed by the government.

State TV later showed a different angle of the building with minor damage to its walls and some of its fans still working.

Natanz governor Ramezan-Ali Ferdowsi told the Tasnim news agency that a fire had broken out at the warehouse.

Sources: AFP, RT, IRNA, AMN

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