HOW British warplanes intercept Russian long-range bombers flying in international airspace ?

Britain's RAF Voyager and two RAF Typhoons were scrambled from a number of different bases. The planes were responding to monitor Russian long-range aircraft flying in international airspace north of Scotland. 

It comes after a spate of incidents involving Russian aircraft nearing UK or NATO airspace.

According to Reuters reports, the British Air Force on Friday, sent Typhoon fighters from Lossiemouth Air Force Base in Scotland to accompany Russian aircraft while flying in international airspace.

“The Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters took off to monitor the flight of a Russian long-range aircraft into international airspace in northern Scotland,” a statement from the British Air Force said.

It is worth noting that the Russian aircraft did not enter the flight information region in the United Kingdom, and therefore, “it was not required to intercept them.”

The Royal Air Force confirmed that on Friday's occasion the Russian aircraft turned away as they approached the UK Flight Information Region (FIR), north of the Scottish coast and as such no interception was needed.

The RAF stated the Russian aircraft was monitored throughout their flight.

And activity was coordinated closely with NATO allies, including the NATO Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem in Germany.

Previously, reports said that three Tupolev-142 aircraft completed a planned flight over neutral waters from the Barents and Norwegian seas and the Northeast Atlantic.

Despite flying over the neutral zone, Russian aircraft were accompanied in some parts of the flight by Norwegian F-16 fighters and an F-35 aircraft.

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