Two missiles attack targets airport hosting US forces in Iraq

A new missile attack was reportedly at an Iraqi military base that is hosting the U.S. Armed Forces, local sources said on Tuesday. According to the sources, at least two Katyusha missiles targeted near the Baghdad Airport, causing a brief explosion in the process.

Anadolu Agency citing Iraqi police official reported that two missiles specifically targeted the Center for Diplomatic Support in Baghdad, which hosts officials of the international coalition.

"At dawn, two rockets targeted Baghdad International Airport; where there is a headquarters for American forces in the military part of the airport," Capt. Ahmed Khalaf, a police officer, reporters on Tuesday.

No information has been released about any loss of life or property. Furthermore, no one has claimed responsibility for this latest attack.

Khalaf stated that "there were no deaths or material losses reported. He said security forces have found a rocket launcher in the Al-Furat neighborhood, west of Baghdad.

Military sites in Iraq belonging to the International Coalition have been targeted by similar attacks in the past few days, despite the seizure of a Katyusha launcher near Baghdad this week.

A similar attack targeted US forces at the airport on June 8 while On June 13, the Al-Taji military base north of Baghdad, which accommodates US forces, was also targeted.

Earlier this month, the Iraqi government pledged to protect all military bases of the US-led international coalition with expectation of departure of US troops.

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