Show of force as Russian military blocks US convoy in northeast Syria

There was a field report on Saturday of the Russian military has blocked a U.S. Coalition convoy from accessing a roadway in the northeastern region of Syria.

According to the reports the U.S. Coalition’s convoy attempted to bypass a Russian military checkpoint in the Al-Qamishli countryside; however, the Russian military refused to allow them access to the roadway.

No further details were given regarding the incident. Meanwhile, Russian and U.S. forces have repeatedly blocked one another from accessing different sections of the roads around Al-Qamishli, leading to a small Cold War-like environment.

Both the U.S. and Russian forces also maintain large bases in the Al-Hasakah Governorate, with the latter in full control of the largest airport in this region of Syria. While there have been no direct clashes among the U.S. and Russian soldiers, there have been instances of both sides engaging in aggressive behavior; this was evident during a highway incident earlier this year.

The Russian military police were attempting to bypass U.S. vehicles in the Al-Hasakah countryside, when the latter cutoff the passing vehicle.

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