Haftar's Libyan National Army says main Turkish military base is legitimate target, says UN bias for issuing a condemnation statement

The Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman, Ahmed Al-Mismari on Monday stated that the army considers the Mitiga Airport in the city of Tripoli a Turkish military air base, and therefore it targets it because they constitute a threat to the army and civilians.

Haftar LNA pointed out that the condemnation statements issued by the United Nations after targeting the airport illustrate its bias for the Government of National Accord (GNA).

“When we talk about Mitiga, we are talking about an air base in the region. Second, we have not bombed any neighborhoods at all and abide by the rules of engagement established by the General Command, but we must know what is the Mitiga Airbase, it is an airbase of the Libyan Air Force previously, now the Turkish Air Force and Turkish artillery are stationed there; dozens of drones take off every day; it receives civilian and military aircraft carrying weapons, equipment and mercenaries, and have become a military air base for the Turkish occupation,” he said.

“We targeted this base because it turned into a threat not only to the Libyan armed forces, but to civilians in Tripoli. This base is bombing civilian neighborhoods, so our targeting was for a military base,” Mismari continued. Adding that: “We have instructions to use the most powerful firepower available to end the battle in Tripoli while preserving civilian lives.”

In response to the statements of condemnation issued by the United Nations to condemn the bombing of the airport, Mismari said, “We hoped the United Nations would condemn the very serious violations against the people of Tripoli and the right of the residents of the western region. We also expected the United Nations to condemn the looting by thousands of mercenaries through the Mitiga Airport from Syria.”
“We are accustomed to the United Nations’ statements that it is always biased towards the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Commenting on the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statement, Mismari said, “What have Turkish forces been doing in Libya since the previous? Since 2014, have roses been presented? I think this statement is a threat to use another type of weapon. It may be the use of naval battleships and the use of fighter planes to develop military equipment, but the Turkish forces are on the ground, and we killed many of them in Tripoli, including their officers, soldiers, and all their weapons in Tripoli. ”

“The Turkish infantry is now on the ground,” he added. “The variable may happen in the Air Force using combat aircraft, and then for every recent incident.” He concluded.

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