Damascus forces launch powerful attack across southern Idlib front-lines

Large explosion rocks southern district in Idlib city

The Damascus forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has for the second day in a row launched heavily attacked against the jihadist front-lines in southern Idlib, as they intensify their strikes against the enemy forces backed by the Ankara, believed to be fronting for US and NATO forces supporting the anti-Assad rebels .

The Syrian Arab Army launched several artillery strikes and missiles towards the jihadist defenses, hitting their positions along the Jabal Al-Zawiya front-lines. Field reports said Saturday

The reports confirmed that the Syrian Arab Army particularly concentrated their attacks on the militant lines near the towns of Al-Bara’ and Al-Fateera. These two aforementioned towns have been repeatedly targeted by the SAA, as they serve as imperative logistical points for the jihadist rebels and their allies.

With tensions rising between the Turkish-backed militants and jihadists, there is a strong chance that the Syrian military won’t resume their offensive in Idlib anytime soon.

Similar to the 2016 infighting between the militant factions, the Syrian Army often let them attack one another, as these opposition groups would weaken each other through these internal tiffs.

Meanwhile, a powerful explosion has been reported in the heart of Idlib city’s southern district this evening, opposition activists reported from the administrative capital.

According to the reports, a big explosion hit the large Al-Qusour District, causing a shock wave throughout the city. The cause of the explosion is unknown and there have been no reports of casualties as of yet.

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