President Trump says he has ‘good idea’ of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s condition, wishes him well

US President Donald Trump on Monday further fuelled speculation about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, telling reporters at the White House he had a “very good idea” of his condition but couldn’t talk about it at this time.

“I can’t tell you exactly. Yes I do have a very good idea but I can’t talk about it now,” Trump said Monday when asked about Kim’s health.

“I just wish him well,” the president added. I hope he's fine. I do know how he's doing, relatively speaking.

Rumors of Kim’s death have been circulating in the West for over a week, since a number of mainstream US media outlets cited unconfirmed South Korean reports that the 30-something North Korean leader may have died either of coronavirus complications or a botched surgery.

The report has since been denied by both South Korean and Chinese authorities, while Pyongyang has carried on as if everything is normal. Trump himself has been skeptical of the reports, quipping last week that “When CNN comes out with a report, I don’t place too much credence in it.”

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Trump says whatever about Kim Jong Un. Five minutes later, it's breaking news in South Korea and every analyst on every cable news show will be spending all day trying to analyze what the "very good idea" could be. …

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(URGENT) Trump says he has 'a very good idea' about N.K. leader's health, but can't talk about it


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