"Idris Deby has embarrassed Nigeria, a small-country President cleaning up a far bigger and richer one’s mess. Without Mr. Déby and his battle-hardened soldiers, analysts and diplomats say, there would be nobody on the ramparts in this vulnerable part of Africa. The Chadians are essential. They are the most capable military in the region, by a long shot

Mr. Déby showed no hint of triumphalism. Instead, he was frustrated, impatient: His men were stuck, still awaiting any sign of Nigerian forces who could come take over. He does not want to be holding Nigerian territory."- New York Times
President Idris Deby gushed recently during an interview granted to New York Times, "We want the Nigerians to come and occupy, so we can advance. We can’t go any further in Nigeria. We’re not an army of occupation"

Its fortune reversal scenario and a situation extremely shameful for Nigerian military under President Muhammadu Buhari today and its even more poignant that a small nation like Chad is now the one rescuing Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram and insurgency

Remember in 1984 same Buhari was decisive in dealing with enemies of the Nigerian state, when Chadian troops killed Nigerian soldiers, during the regime of President Hissène Habré.
Buhari as a strongman then enthused in a jocular manner “unfortunately for Hissène Habré those Nigerian soldiers were under me,” which led to Chadian troops being dealt with mercilessly, same way he was merciless against the Maitatsine which resurrected in Adamawa State after they were exiled from Kano by Late Emir Ado Bayero during same period

Question remains why is Nigerian military of today behaving like sissy, ill equipped and ill motivated. Chadian troops are more capable today, rag-tag insurgents like Boko Haram militants messing with Nigerian military, the armed forces regarded as one of the best in Africa during ECOMOG and global peace keeping campaign in the past


Duke F Cole

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