PHOTO SPEAKS: Mummy Akinwande Foluke Abosede @70th, family picnic and get-together

Many atimes, questions has been asked on why mothers are often refered to as GoLD. It is a question that no one on planet earth has been able to answer, but some of us can answer not from a knowledge of the field of study but from experience.

Mummy Foluke Aboseded Akinwande is not just a Gold but a mother, not just a mother but god commission by the supreme God to perform a godly role on us. Where should I start from; Mummy you are a prayer warrior satan tried so hard to steal from us years back, because he knows we still need you and your assignment on us is not over yet. 

You still have years to spend with us. Am sure Nigeria network providers can testify to how much of a prayer warrior you are, going by how much airtime you spend calling us or receiving our call out of which 98% of discussion with you ends up a prayer mountain session. Mummy you are a mother so caring that sometimes the only issue your children have with u is because you are seeing to be too caring.

You are a wife indeed, and am sure daddy can testify to that. Little wonder they say, behind a successful husband there is a successful wife, mummy permit me to thank you for making a man out of daddy. 

So it is fair to say in front of a successful woman there is a successful man, daddy we are not only celebrating mummy today but we are celebrating you too, daddy permit me to say thank you for making a woman out of mummy. 

It was like a joke when I was talking to someone months back that we grew up in "Ile ero". I remember a day we serve 32 plates of food for people here at Olubo. Few mothers would cope with that. 

We can't be more proud to be call your product. 
Thank you mum. You will always remain the best.

The write up was by Akinwande Olaoluwa

More Photos: 

The Family picnic and  get-together was held at Wasimi, Osun state, Nigeria

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