Luxembourg COVID-19 cases rises to 77

Authority bans Hospital visit

The latest update from the ministry of health on Sunday morning revealed that the number of confirmed cases increased from 51 to 77.

Luxembourg authorities reported a sharp rise in corona virus infections over the weekend, after it recorded its first death on Friday, while a set of containment measures caused public life to slowly grind to a halt.

There has been no change to the number of casualties, which remains at one.

Earlier, the ministry revealed an uptick from 38 to 51 on Saturday afternoon, with Minister of Health Paulette Lenert noting that "the virus has arrived" and that the situation was starting to become "critical."

An inter-ministerial coordination group continuously plans and prepares the measures to be taken in order to minimise the impact of the COVID-19-epidemic on the population and our society.

According to the government source, during the initial phase of containment, health authorities have developed procedures to take in charge suspected cases of infection and to follow up with their contacts. These procedures have been communicated to all physicians on several occasions. The National Health Laboratory (Laboratoire national de santé, LNS) is approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the diagnosis of the virus. The national service for infectious diseases at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) is prepared to receive possible cases of suspected or confirmed illness. The procedures for quarantine and self-monitoring of contacts have been defined by the Health Directorate and can be implemented quickly by the Health Inspectorate.

Since 12 March, the government has moved to a strategy of reinforcing the protection of vulnerable populations. This strategy implies that efforts are focused on preventing the transmission of the infection to these people rather than on identifying any cases of COVID in the general population.

Luxembourg has a stock of special masks (FFP2) and surgical masks. These masks are intended for caregivers in close contact with a sick person or a person in quarantine. Furthermore, Luxembourg is participating in a joint acquisition with other EU member states aiming to bolster the existing stock.

Given that many hospitalised people are vulnerable, visits of hospital patients are prohibited. If a visit has to take place, all of the necessary protective measures must be taken in order to protect the patients.

Scheduled activities should be cancelled, if possible.

If possible, the leaves of hospital staff should be cancelled.

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