COVID-19: Workers worldwide could lose up to $3.4 trillion in 2020 income over #coronavirus says UN

Pandemic could put 25 million more people out of work: UN

The COVID-19 pandemic will push millions more into unemployment, underemployment and working poverty, the United Nations said on Wednesday, warning that workers globally stood to lose up to $3.4 trillion in income this year alone.
"Falls in employment... mean large income losses for workers," the International Labour Organisation said, releasing a report showing workers stand to lose between $860 billion and $3.4 trillion by the end of 2020.

The Global organisation warned that the COVID-19 pandemic could put 25 million more people out of work, adding that an internationally coordinated policy response could 'significantly lower' that number.

"The economic and labour crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic could increase global unemployment by almost 25 million," the International Labour Organisation said as it released a fresh study.

The coronavirus has claimed nearly 9,000 lives with over 170,000 others infected as the deadly virus continues to spread into more nations and territories in all continent of the world.

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