SGF says Buhari will not sack the Service Chiefs now: He must defend his pot of soup

SGF Boss Mustapha
The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha on Tuesday criticised those calling for the sack of Service Chiefs. The Nation reported.

One thing that is certain about the people in government and those serving the retired Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, they must defend that pot of soup from which they are getting their daily bread and butter from, though thousands may die in the hands of criminals . May their souls rest in perfect peace.
According to the source, Mustapha declared the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari will not sack the Service Chiefs now.

He said there are processes that must be followed to effect their sack.

According to him: “We are in a very difficult time now. We need everybody to be on board. We need synergy within intelligent community, within the military formations that will help fight this war.

“We are in a very difficult situation and when we begin to create cracks and divisions, who will be the beneficiaries?

“The adversaries are the ones that are going to exploit those deficiencies and further the cause of destabilising the nation”.

He spoke with reporters in Abuja after a book presentation titled CAN, Religion, politics and power in Nigeria by former General Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) Engr Samuel Salifu.

The SGF said what government needs is for: “At this moment, what we need is for everybody to be on the same page, fight the battle of securing the nation for protecting lives and property and ensuring that every Nigerian has the opportunity to live a prosperous live. I think that should be our main focus”.

He added: “You don’t sack people like that. There are processes and I believe that at the opportune time, those processes will be followed. You don’t just wake up and say sack people, it doesn’t happen like that”.

Considering all the useless excuses and reasons he gave, it is obvious that he must just give reason for the failure of the government.

 Major Gen. Buhari and his security/service chiefs have been together since 2015, and despite their failure to delivered to Nigerians the Buhari's and APC's  electoral promises, yet they still need to be together while Boko Haram, Banditry,  herdsmen and kidnappers are snuffing life out of Nigerians at will.

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