We will not accept any aggression from Gaza : Israeli PM Netanyahu

Israeli Leader Secures Cabinet Approval to Establish a Flight Data Center to Receive Information (API & PNR) from Airlines About Passengers on Flights to and from Israel

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday during a Cabinet meeting said State of Israel will not accept any aggression from Gaza.

“I want to make it clear: We will not accept any aggression from Gaza. Only a few weeks ago, we targeted the senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza, and I suggest that both Islamic Jihad and Hamas refresh their memories.

Netanyahu without unveiling the details said the country is prepared to take very devastating and strong actions against the terrorist organizations in Gaza, referring to Jihadist terrosts and the Hama group.

"I will not go into detail about all of our actions and plans for the media, but we are prepared to take devastating action against the terrorist organizations in Gaza. Our actions are very strong and they have not yet ended, to put it mildly.”

PM Netanyahu submitted for approval in the weekly Cabinet meeting, a decision to establish a flight data center to receive information (API & PNR) from airlines about passengers aboard flights to and from the State of Israel which he said vital for the State of Israel in its struggle against terrorism, crime, illegal migration.

He said Israel will be joining a series of countries, such as the US, Australia and many European countries who already operate such centers.” 
"At the end of the process, Israel will join a long series of Western countries that are already receiving such information (API & PNR) from airlines, including (inter alia) the US, the EU, Canada, Japan and Australia. "

In the framework of the decision, the Justice Ministry will lead a legislative process in order to provide for all aspects, including privacy protection. An authority will also be formed to advance the establishment of the center. The National Security Council (NSC) will chair a steering committee to monitor implementation of the decision until the center is established.

The draft decision was formulated by the NSC, the Population and Migration Authority, the Tax Authority, the Justice Ministry, the Transportation Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, the Israel Police and the security agencies.

The information will be used for the fight against terrorism, the war on severe crime, the struggle against illegal migration, aviation security, maintaining public health against epidemics and additional vital interests as may be determined. Netanyahu said.

“Today, we will submit another important decision for Cabinet approval. We will advance the establishment of a flight data center that will gather information about flights to and from Israel. Of course, this is especially important during diseases or epidemics.

This is also vital for the State of Israel in its struggle against terrorism, crime, illegal migration. As I said, it will also assist in maintaining public health. All aspects regarding the protection of privacy will be taken into account and will be anchored in legislation.

The Cabinet, at its weekly Cabinet meeting today, approved a plan by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to invest approximately NIS 35 million in security and civilian resiliency components in Ashkelon.

Netanyahu: "In the framework of this plan, we will work to immediately refit hundreds of public shelters in Ashkelon. We will also expand support treatments for children and we will bring smart systems and special equipment for emergencies."

The level of tensions between Israel and Palestine and in the middle east region generally have increased since US president Donald Trump unveiled his "peace plan" called "Deal Of The Century" which the Palestinians and the Arab league viewed as biasely in favour of Israel.

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