US Complete First Low Tier Missile Sensor to Defend Against Hypersonic Weapons - Raytheon

WASHINGTON  The newly built primary array, similar in size to the Patriot radar array, will provide more than double the Patriot’s performance, Raytheon's release stated.

The first radar antenna for the US Army’s low-tier missile sensor (LTAMDS) designed to detect hypersonic weapons awaits testing after just four months of construction under an accelerated production schedule, Raytheon announced in a press release on Friday.

“Raytheon completed the work less than 120 days after the US Army selected Raytheon to build LTAMDS, a next-generation radar that will defeat advanced threats like hypersonic weapons,” the release said.

Following extensive testing, the radar array will be mounted on a precision-machined enclosure for integration and further evaluation, according to the release.

The enclosure utilises advanced design and manufacturing techniques for accelerated manufacture to support the Army's Urgent Materiel Release programme, the release said.

The contract is worth roughly $384 million to deliver six production-representative units of the LTAMDS. The Army is working to rapidly deliver initial capability under an urgent materiel release.

Last year, Russia military successfully deployed its hypersonic weapons which has since become a subject of worries for America and NATO allies. Hence the needs to urgently work on rapid delivery of an initial capability to counter any hypersonic weapon.

US said the next-generation radar will go beyond the capability of the Patriot radar to address advanced threats like hypersonic weapons.


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