UN Envoy Salame says Warring Libyan military factions ready to negotiate in Geneva

Ghassan Salame
The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, said on Tuesday there was a “genuine will to start negotiating” between rival military factions as they began talks in Geneva, Eurasia Diary reports citing Russia Today.

The military forces loyal to eastern based commander Khalifa Haftar who controlled most of the cwar ravage North African country have been trying to take control of the capital Tripoli for the past 10 months.

Despite the Ankara deployment of  troops and militia fighters as well as equipment to support the UN recognised Tripoli's government,  Salame said the two sides were aiming “to bridge the gaps in their views on how the lasting, sustainable ceasefire can be organized on the ground.”

UN point man also noted that an arms embargo is being violated by both sides, and new mercenaries were still arriving to Libya, Reuters quoted Salame as saying.

Transforming the truce “into a more solid one, less often violated by either side” is being discussed, said Salame, who is hoping to reach “a real agreement on a lasting ceasefire.”

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