SAA: The death toll of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Nayrab more than 75

SAA reportedly said to have killed more than seventy five Al-Qaeda terrorists in Nayrab area after Turkey shot down Syrian helicopters.

The death toll of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Nayrab is +75

Russian Backed Damascus forces have responded vigorously by intensifying airstrikes against terrorist positions in Idlib City taking controls of more villages of the Syrian province.

The joint attack of Turkish occupation army and Al-Qaeda on Nayrab where two regime war planes were brought down has been contained by the SAA and the map of control hasn't changed. However, there are martyrs among the SAA.

The attacks of the Turkish regime will not succeed in reviving terrorist organizations, and the Syrian Arab Army will continue to hunt the remnants of these organizations until they are completely eliminated and to regain control of all Syrian lands.

The General Command of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces said the Turkish regime continues to escalate its hostile actions and military breaches of Syrian sovereignty in violation of international law and the principle of sovereignty of independent states, in an attempt to to halt the progress of the SAA and prevent the collapse of armed terrorist organizations, which are on the international terrorism list, in Idlib and western Aleppo. According to a source

SAA also accused Germany of supporting the terrorists  by sending its  Leopard-2 tanks  to assist the rebels against the regime forces

The German Leopard-2 tanks have been sent to Idlib to fight alongside Al-Qaeda against the Syrian Army. Germany sells these weapons to Erdogan and the genocidal neo-Ottoman maniac uses them to protect internationally designated terrorists.

The Turkish regime has intentionally sent new military build-up and escalated its aggression intensively by targeting areas populated by civilians and military posts with rocket grenades, in order to assist the terrorists and continue to control the lands and take the civilian population as hostages and human shields, and and to persist in committing crimes and systematic destruction and controlling the destiny of people in the terrorist-held areas. 

The General Command of the Army affirms that our valiant armed forces continue to carry out their constitutional and national duties, and its willingness to respond to the attacks of the Turkish occupation forces, and to carry out its sacred duty to defend the security of the homeland and citizens.

At the same time, it affirms that these attacks will will not succeed in protecting armed takfiri terrorism and will not dissuade the army from pursuing its offensive in Idlib and west southern Aleppo to cleanse them of the abomination of armed terrorism in its various names, and restore security and stability to all regions.

Khan Asal in south western Aleppo is in the hands of SAA.

With endless rhetoric from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to attack regime forces "everywhere" in Syria, Syrian government on Wednesday said Ankara leadership has been "disconnected from reality."

"The head of the Turkish regime comes with empty... statements only issued by a person disconnected from reality," state news agency SANA quoted a source at the foreign ministry as saying.

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