Russia Readies The Delivery Of Seven Mi-35 Attack Helicopters For Nigeria

Russian national newspaper has announced that the European nation has concluded manufacturing of 7 attack helicopters to be delivered to Nigeria. 

There are 7 Mi-35 in the warehouse waiting delivery to Nigeria , the source said.

Russia manufactured for Nigeria the remaining seven Mi-35 helicopters under the contract , they will be delivered immediately after receiving the payments, a military-technical cooperation (MTC) source told RIA Novosti.

In general, the contract that was signed in the last quarters of 2019 between Moscow and Abuja provides for the supply of 12 Mi-35s to the most populous African republic.

"Mi-35 helicopters for Nigeria are manufactured, as soon as the payment arrives, we immediately send the cars. Such a scheme. Five helicopters have been sold at the moment," the agency’s source said.

The hind attacks helicopter Mi-35 - an export version of the Mi-24V helicopter, the final base version of the Mi-24, was created by the Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M.L. Mile is one of the most famous helicopters of this class.

The Russian made Military Helicopter is equipped with the 9K113 Sturm-V anti-tank complex with 9M114 guided supersonic missiles and the ASP-17V high-performance automatic rifle scope for the pilot. The helicopters can be equipped with systems of guided and uncontrolled small arms, missile and bomber weapons, the options for which are determined by the tasks to be solved.

With the commencement of it's production in 2005, Mi-35M is one of the modern combat helicopters in the Russian Air Force inventory. It is also operated by the armed forces of Venezuela, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Mali.

The delivery will boost further, the Russian's desired for clout on the African continent.

Before this latest understanding, Nigeria ordered 12 Mi-35M combat helicopters in 2015. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) received two helicopters in December 2016, while the remaining two helicopters were delivered in April 2018. 

Nigeria ordered additional 12 helicopters in October 2019 during Russian -African summit in Sohci .

Nigerian state is facing complex insecurity challenges from the al-Qauda linked Islamist Boko Harm terrorists, armed banditry, kidnapping and herdsmen attacks against the defenseless and innocent farmers and citizens in may parts of the country. 

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