Iran unveils New Generation of Missiles: Thunder 7 missiles and satellite propulsion missiles

Tehran unveils on Sunday the Thunder 7 missile and the new generation of missile and satellite propulsion missiles. The rocket improves upon fuel, weight and range of similar Iranian rockets and shows off IRGC abilities to strike at neighboring countries. @FarsNews_Agency reported.

@FarsNews_Agency موشک «رعد ۵۰۰» و نسل جدید پیشران‌های موشکی و ماهواره‌بر سپاه رونمایی شد.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled what it says was a new rocket called the Thunder 500 which has a composite engine and new technologies that will make it lighter and give it a better range.

It is one of many rockets and missiles in the Iranian arsenal that the IRGC likes to boast about to show off Iran’s abilities.

Iran has been alleged by US and allies of trafficking precision guided munitions to Hezbollah, exporting rocket technology to Houthis in Yemen, firing cruise missiles at Saudi Arabia.

It has used ballistic missiles against US forces in Iraq in retaliation for the Washington assassination of the Iranian IRGC commander Qaseem Soleimani. The IRGC’s rocketry arm is one of the Iran’s main achievement despite been under US maximum economic pressures and sanctions.

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