Coronavirus: Canada, France confirm third and fourth cases respectively

EU dispatching two flights to evacuate at least 350 healthy European citizens from Virus-hit Wuhan 

Canada and France confirmed third and fourth cases of the new virus from China that has sickened thousands of people and killed more than 100.

In Canada, British Columbia Health Officer Bonnie Henry said Tuesday the man in his 40s visited Wuhan, China recently and arrived in Vancouver last week. Wuhan is where the outbreak started.
Henry says the man showed no symptoms while flying to Canada but developed symptoms a day later and contacted health authorities in Canada on Sunday.

The man regularly travels to China for work.

The first two confirmed cases in Canada are in Toronto and involve a a couple that recently visited Wuhan.

France confirmed a fourth case of a new virus spreading in China, an elderly Chinese tourist who is in intensive care in a Paris hospital.

Jerome Saloman directs France's public health agency and says Tuesday that the tourist is suffering from a severe case of the virus and needs constant care.

Saloman says the patient is in his 80s and is from China’s Hubei region, where the virus has been spreading rapidly,

French authorities are looking for people the tourist was in contact with since arriving in France. Saloman says authorities are also stepping up surveillance of people who have arrived recently from the region around the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Three other people were already hospitalized in France with the virus, the first cases reported in Europe. The virus has sicked thousands mostly in China and more than 100 people have died.

France is also planning to repatriate hundreds of its citizens from the Wuhan region.

The European Union is dispatching two flights to evacuate at least 350 healthy European citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan as a deadly new flu spreads in the region.

The 28-nation union activated a disaster-response mechanism to organize the flights at the request of France, which has a large number of citizens in the Wuhan region.

The initial flights will only carry healthy EU citizens or those without symptoms of the virus, the European Commission said in a statement Tuesday. It said the EU is ready to mobilize further flights in the coming days.

The first flight will carry about 250 French citizens. More than 100 other EU citizens will travel on the second flight. The EU will co-finance the flights.

France’s government had already announced that it would organize return flights for both healthy citizens and those with virus symptoms, and that it would hold them in quarantine for 14 days after their arrival in France.

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