Alleged Treason: ‘We Will Survive This, I Am Not Afraid,’ Sowore Says In Court

'We will survive this. I am not afraid' - Sowore says in court & also added
'its beyond federalism. We are talking about LIBERATION. 

Nigeria is in a situation as it was even before independence right now. We need a BRAND New COUNTRY and that's what I am about. 

The essence of their charges is around the fact they are AFRAID, that there is new CONSCIOUSNESS in the country and that Nigerians are now looking at ALTERNATIVES and I should also inform you that they don't want US to contest in the 2023 elections.'

Omoyele Sowere who contested for the position of the president in the last general election on the platform of African Action Congress (AAC) was arrested in August by the department of the state security service for calling for a nation wide protest against misgovernance that has put Nigerians in tight corners.

He called for protest for good water, Free education for children, good road, jobs for  graduates and stable electricity.

Sowore was granted bail with outrageous conditions to further portrail what president Muhammadu Buhari is really representin, 'sa sick tyrant.

Buhari government no doubt has economy policy problem as the country is plunged into hardship as more than ever in the history of the country.

Voters were induced with 'trader moni' before he could secure his second time in office with numerious irregularities that pervaded the last election in the country.

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