Britain says seizures of UK vessels by Iran are ‘unacceptable’

The UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed the seizure of two vessels by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. He also said London is seeking to secure their release and called for the freedom of navigation in the strait.

"I'm extremely concerned by the seizure of two naval vessels by Iranian authorities in the Strait of Hormuz," Hunt told journalists, adding that he would soon attend the emergency cabinet meeting aimed at looking for ways to “swiftly secure the release of the two vessels.”

"These seizures are unacceptable. It is essential that freedom of navigation is maintained and that all ships can move safely and freely in the region."

Hunt said that there are no British citizens among the crew members of either ship. He also added that the British ambassador in Tehran has already contacted the Iranian Foreign Ministry in an attempt to resolve the situation while the UK also approached other “international partners.”

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