Press Release: Oyo LP Chairman consistent attacks; a show of shame


Our attention has been called to yet another vituperation by the Oyo State Labour Party Chairman, Sodiq Atayese on a Splash FM programme tagged “Gbagede Oselu” on Thursday.

It is becoming rather embarrassing that Mr. Sodiq Atayese has turned bitterness into a hobby and has neglected his primary duty as the chairman of a party in the state facing numerous self-inflicted issues.

Before the election, Mr. Sodiq Atayese consistently attacked the personality of Hon. Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale the Gubernatorial Candidate of his party, in a bid to soil his reputation. He anchored all sorts of organized and informal propaganda and varieties of blackmail against the person of Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale and to cap it, he resolved to the dubious and anti-party collapse of the Labour Party structure in the state for the incumbent with whom he seeks favor.

One would expect that after the election, Mr. Sodiq will have a sober reflection and bury his head in shame for the woeful performance of the party in the election at all levels. Unfortunately,   this has not been the case probably because he hasn’t been considered for his seek favour by his “paymaster” only God knows.

His remarks about the person of Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale are not new, Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale's competency is one of the reasons why Mr. Sodiq Atayese became so embittered because he couldn’t find the “Yes sir” attributes in him despite Akinwale’s humility and respect for everyone in the party.

We are using this medium to advise Mr. Sodiq Atayese to face his business of fixing the mess he has dragged the party into instead of his continuous embarrassing media tour to shamelessly nag and present excuses for his shameless anti-party actions in the last elections. The same man nagging about incompetency was blown away by Akinwale’s submissions at the BBC gubernatorial debate where he uttered the remark “I am proud of you.”

Mr. Atayese claimed that Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale is not competent enough, should we say that all candidates in the party are not competent enough for their respective positions and that was why the Chairman sold the party out?

In 2019, Mr. Atayese was the Labour Party Guber and he refused to step down for the incumbent Governor despite being the accountant to Seyi Makinde’s company. Mr Atayese should remember that there are consequences for each action, and whatever a man sows he shall reap.

Hon. Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale has moved on and has continued to make his impact felt on matters that concern the state just recently his intervention in the proposed Chieftaincy amendment bill has generated serious actions and scrutiny of the process.

The Labour Party Gubernatorial Candidate in the last election is a man with focus and does not get swayed away by petty talks. However, it is necessary to call the chameleon Chairman to order which necessitated this response.

Hon. Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale remains committed to the growth and betterment of Oyo State and every citizen therein and he is focused on making meaningful contributions and impacts to take the State to an enviable height.


*Samuel Abodunrin*

*_Press Secretary to Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale, Oyo State LP Guber 2023_*

May 12, 2023.

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