We are the courageous ones and very obedient - Fash

As long as I can remember, I have had a love affair with competency and personality. Since I was a kid , I have known it is paramount someone must be accepted ,but should not be based on what one is ,but who one is .  I don’t always give a hoot about where one is from ,as long as the person is human and I also careless what one does ,but how he does whatever given to be done .

The popular sayings that one would be addressed exactly the way he is dressed, I beg to disagree, that no matter how well one is dressed he would be addressed disrespectfully if he / she is not polite. The input will determine the output, what you give is what you will take as it as simple as that what you plant as a seed , is the kind of fruit you will reap , though always in multiple folds .

This writes up is a reflection of my choice and decision as regards the just concluded presidential/ House of Assembly elections and ordinarily my candidate for president should be either Alhaji Atiku or Sen .Tinubu , but instead courageously I stood my ground with Peter Obi .It was supposed to be Atiku because I am a member of PDP and also he is my in-law because he married from Ilesa , but based on principle I decided never to ,for pocket full of reasons (1) he is too old to be productive, already beyond his menopause stage and expired (2) He is the major reason PDP lost the power to APC, for he had betrayed the party severally for personal ambition (3) even though I’m not tribalistic , but I thought Nigerian is a collective property that political position should be fairly shared amongst the stakeholders / tribes Fulanis have had the turns more than any tribe , then why should it be Fulani again ? If not Atiku then it should have been Sen Tinubu , because he is my kin from Osun State , but I was constrained for reasons never to (1) He is more than old and I felt if it were to be in advanced country by now he should be in care home where he would be cared for by the caregivers, so I thought he can never be productive and profitable .(2) politically I dislike APC with passion because of their policies and propagandas , lack of ideas and feelings for the people. On January 22nd 2023 being my birthday,I decided to join the Obedient movement having followed his reasons of purpose I was convinced he is the president this moment demands even though I know he might fail but I preferred to fail with him because I have made the pledge with my God that I would never be part of the problem of this nation. I had 5 interest in the concluded election and so unfortunately I lost 4 and won only one (1) LPPeter Obi president (2) PDPWole Oke HOR (3) PDPFatima Mohammed Ogunmola HOR (4) PDPBankole Wellington HOR (5) LP Dele Abiola MHOR all of them lost except Hon Oluwole Oke II who is from my federal constituency, I am glad he won but by God grace this is the last time I would ever support him for that position, by now he should be shopping for who would take over from him and should start mentoring the lucky groom .By God’s grace I would be looking forward to supporting him morally, financially for higher political offices like senate , Governor or even president but never House of rep again , this is going to be his last lap in that green chamber and if not I will be part of strong opposition against him , so help me God almighty.

Don Greatest-Fash

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