Trouble looming for Sterling Bank, Osogbo branch as security operatives may have issues to settle with some of it's staff

 Many of the staff and security attendants of banks in Nigeria resulted to an unprofessional and repressive methods of dealing with customers since CBN naira redesign and eventual scarcity of new notes with endless problems facing bank customers.

Sterling Bank, Osogbo branch has been cought up in this web of inhumane treatment.

Security operatives have reportedly been visiting the bank since early this week following an urgly occurrence against a customer whose phone was smashed by the bank's security door on Monday 6th March, 2023.

Our source confirmed that Alhaja (name whited) whose phone was smashed was in the bank to make a complain about her numerous money transfers that were not delivered. When she was about to enter the bank, the bank's door was remote controlled from the control room and damaged her phone (Hot 10 play).

The complain about the damaged phone was made to the bank manager and the business manager as well. The bank response was that woman should just accept the damage/lost or what if the phone got damaged in another circumstances, what will she do?

The woman demanded to see the Bank's security officer who was responsible for the incident but was denied. It was also said that Bank business manager said the fault must be from the customer not the bank security officer.

It was leant that the CCTV footage review has been demanded for but both the bank manager and business manager are said to be noncooperating. 

It was also leart that an arrest order has been issued against the concerned officials. Today been Saturday, further enquires from the bank seems difficult.

The fact remained that Nigerians have been subjected to an untold hardship and economy of many individuals and families crippled under the current policy.

More photos and video of the smashed phone 👇👇 



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