The most unfortunate and traumatic thing that will happen to a country is to have a criminal gang be incharge of its affairs. 

It's no longer news that the February 25 presidential election was rigged, what's baffling is the level of impunity that is associated with the rigging. 

Recall that INEC was meant by law to transmit the results of the election recorded in the BVAS from the polling units on February 25 to the viewing pleasure of all Nigerians. 

This they wilfully failed, refused and neglected to do even 14 days after the election to give them room to rig the election against Labour Party. Our Labour Party has only 21 days to file our case against the rigging of INEC at the Court of Appeal and needs evidence of the manipulated results to enable us file it.

Mahmood INEC refused to grant us access to inspect our results before reconfiguring the BVAS. We went to the court and got an order to inspect our results. INEC refused to obey the order of court but went back to court to get an order to reconfigure the BVAS using the next election as an excuse. 

The Court restated its position that we should be granted access to the results but granted INEC the right to reconfigure the BVAS for the next election. INEC started reconfiguring the BVAS and still refused to grant us access to inspect the results. 

They are using this opportunity to continue manipulating the results and frustrating our efforts to file our petition in court. We have just 11 days left to file our petition and INEC has refused to obey court order to allow us access to our results. 

There's a limit to endurance. This action is an invitation to anarchy by Mahmood INEC and the APC ruling party. We can no longer tolerate this obvious criminality against the Nigerian people. The international community should hold Mahmood and APC ruling party responsible for any breakdown of law and order. 

We therefore tell all Obidients nationwide to reject this impunity and conspiracy against due process intended to perfect their rigging agenda against our mandate. 

We hereby give INEC Monday deadline to comply with all the orders of court or face the wrath of God and the Obidients. A stitch in time saves nine. 

We must recover our mandate. We moovee together and united. 

- Kenneth Okonkwo

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